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Kubilay Aka، One of the Turkish actors who received great appreciation from the viewers. Since his first appearance in dramas on screens. Among his posts, we mention his work in the series Love 101 and the wonderful series Oğlum. And the last series in which he participated was “9 Oguz” as Yüzbasi. And his very strong role as Celasun in the series “Çukur”.

From his first starring role in the romantic series “Ask Bu Mu?” And his introduction to the character “Umut” in 2018, and he won a great viewership and the admiration of many followers of Turkish drama in the world. To become a registered trademark of Turkish drama series. Since then, he has not left the field of acting, but his role has grown.

In the following article, we will learn more about the actor Kubilay Aka, his family, his personal life, more details about his life and secrets, his most important series, and more.

Kubilay Aka religion

The most frequently asked question on social media, what is the religion of the star Kubilay Aka? Is Kubilay Aka Muslim or Christian?

All these difficult questions were asked by his followers in a live appearance on his official website on a social networking site. His response was that his religion is Islam. And not a Christian.

Kubilay Aka family

Kubilay was born in Istanbul on April 12, 1995. His age in 2023 is 28 years old. Kubilay lives with his family since he was born till now. Despite his romantic relationships. But he did not leave his family, especially his mother, whom he loves very much.

As for his mother’s name, he did not tell us her name, and his father is a businessman. And he has brothers and sisters. He is the eldest of those brothers. He has a modeling younger sister, Elif İlayda Aka.

Kubilay said that acting was a childhood dream for him. Participated in many school plays. Then he joined the acting institute and got a lot of training to enter the auditions in order to act with his first work.

Kubilay Sister Elif İlayda Aka
Kubilay Sister Elif İlayda Aka

Kubilay Aka who dated

Is Kubilay in love with one of them? This is the question on the minds of Kubilay fans and followers who is his girlfriend. At the beginning of his career, he was romantically involved with actress Miray Daner.

They reunited in the series Space in Cars from 2017 until 2020, when Mirai discovered his betrayal. Miray Daner left him and Kubilay tried to mend his relationship with her but she adamantly refused. She did not even go out to the media, even about what happened. And her silence has continued to this day.

After the end of the relationship, a love affair since September 26, 2022, until the date of writing this article.

Kubilay Aka Who Dated
Kubilay Aka Who Dated

Kubilay Aka new girlfriend

Who is Kubilay’s new girlfriend? After Kubilay broke up with Miray Daner, he stayed out of any romantic relationship for a while. He was seen with the hero of the series in front of him more than once, but he denied the existence of any romantic relationship between them.

Now he is in a relationship with influencer Danla Bilic.

Kubilay Aka New Girlfriend
Kubilay Aka New Girlfriend

Kubilay Aka series

 started acting in TV dramas through his role in the Aileler Yarisiyor series in 1998. He moved away for a while, then decided to study acting in some acting education centers. He presented a number of plays. To return again by presenting the role of Ali Kemal in the series Vatanim Sensin. He appeared in Episode 31.

In 2018, he participated in a role in the movie Arif V 216, playing the character Yakisikli. In the same year, he presented a video clip called “Kubilay Aka Feat. Hayko Cepkin: Gamzendeki Çukur (2018)
Kubilay Aka Feat. Hayko Cepkin: Gamzendeki Çukur” made a short film called “Something About That Night”. He also co-starred in the movie “Ask Bu Mu?” with actress “Afra Saraçoglu”.

Celasun IN Çukur

One of the most important series in which he participated was the “Çukur” series. He played the character of Celasun Gümüş, a young man from the neighborhood called Çukur. His father passed away and he hates Gokor and the Koçovali family. Because they could not save his father. While trying to kill Vartolu, Yamaç hits him with a car to stop him. With time he became Vartolo’s right-hand man. And his life changed with time until he did bad deeds behind Vartolo and was killed by a masked killer, and his role ended.

Kubilay Aka quarrel and mert ramazan demir

A quarrel occurred between Kubilay Aka and Mert Ramadan Demir, and that was because of Hazara and his way with the sweetheart of his friend (Mert Yazicioglu), the actress (
Afra Saracoglu). Pictures of the altercation, which were posted on social media, were everywhere. It was said that the quarrel was due to the way the two stars of the series (Kingfisher) were treated.