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Miray Daner, one of the stars with the most intense search. Who was able to get rid of many kilograms of weight. To become a perfect girl and more beautiful than before. Miray Daner is represented by many heart-loving Turkish series, including Vatanim Sensin, Bir Liter Gözyasi, and Kara Tahta. Let’s get to know this beautiful star and her love story that shocked her. Her weight that she lost, her emotional relationships and her new lover, her new series and pictures of her before and after the slimness.

Miray Daner religion

What is Miray Daner‘s religion? Is she Christian or Muslim? The followers of the Turkish star “Miray Daner“, who love her very much, are from all over the world. They always ask about her, her relationship, and her religion. What is her religion? Her religion is Islam. And not Christian.

Miray Daner family

Mirai’s childhood, how was it and where was she born? Our star was born on January 15, 1999 in Istanbul. She was living with her family who prepared her a lot to become a star. and studied in the preparatory English class of Cemal Reşit Rey School of Fine Arts.

She is from an artistic family working in the field of acting. As her cousin, actor Aras Bulut Enimli, Orkon Enimli, and Yesim Enimli.

Her family noticed her love of acting when she was seven years old. It also made her play a number of musical instruments such as the piano, saz and cello. Not only that, but she studied many other things, such as her studies in the music department at Mimar Sinan High School. And her study of the British language, singing, music and others.

Mirai's Childhood
Mirai’s Childhood

Miray Daner and Kubilay Aka

Miray Daner has been in a romantic relationship with Turkish actor Kubilay Aka since 2017. Their love story lasted for a long time. Until her followers were surprised by the news of her separation from him. And after extensive research for the reason for her separation. We confirmed her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal. This is what made her break up with him. Kubilay tried a lot to reconcile her, but she refused to return to him categorically and irrevocably.

Miray Daner And Kubilay Aka
Miray Daner And Kubilay Aka

Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum

The relationship of the duo “Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum“The duo met together through the series “Vatanim Sensin“, which was shown on screens from 2016 to 2018. Their relationship was wonderful within the series. As she introduced the character “Hilal” and Boran Kuzum played the character “Leon”, the character stuck in the minds of the viewers. To the point of expecting a relationship between them outside of that series.

Because of the betrayal of her former lover, their name was brought together, with a love story between them. And because of each other’s talk about the other in their live broadcast together. And the publication of the pictures that bring them together and the status of the “heart” emoji confirmed the allegations about their relationship together.

Miray Daner And Boran Kuzum
Miray Daner And Boran Kuzum

Miray Daner who dating

Who is her new boyfriend? Now everyone is wondering who is Miray Daner’s new boyfriend? Is she back with her ex or is she dating Boran Kuzum. Or does she have a new lover who is in a relationship with him.

“Miray” is dating Ogulcan Engin. Which appeared next to him in many places. She recently stated that she had entered into a love affair with him. He even published the news of her separation from him in March 2023, to publish a picture of her with him, to deny the news of her separation from Ogulcan Engin.

Miray Daner Who Dating
Miray Daner Who Dating

The new Miray Daner series

She plays the lead role in the Turkish series “Blind Ambition – As the Crow Flies“.

The first season of the series will be shown in 2022. It will have only 8 episodes in the first season. It was shown on the Netflix platform. The second season of the series will be filmed soon. She also participated in the series “Kara Tahta” and played the character “Irmak”.

We recall that Mireille’s acting career was in 2008 in the series “1 Kadin 1 Erkek” and she played the role of “Young Zeynep” when she was only 8 years old. Her real fame came after her participation in the series “Vatanim Sensin” and she won the role of the heroine in the series Bir Liter Gözyasi. But her strongest work is her role in the series “Saygi“.

Miray Daner
Miray Daner


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