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The Kingfisher series has become one of the most famous Turkish series around the world, not only in Turkey. And many fans and followers of the Turkish drama have been searching for the true story of the series “The Kingfisher Bird”. here we decided to publish the true story of the series by the author of the original novel Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu.

The real story of Kingfisher series – Yalı Çapkını

Many viewers of the series believe that the true story of Kingfisher is very different from what is shown on screens. Is it true that the real story is different from those scenes that we see and won the admiration of many viewers?. Here is the true story of the Kingfisher series

The beginning of the story is the life of Halis Korhan’s grandson, the very rich Agha, one of the biggest businessmen. His grandson’s name is “Ferit Korhan”. a young man who lived in America to study for a while and got to know a girl named “Pelin Yılmaz”. and became in a relationship with her.

Because of the rumors and press that haunt Ferit everywhere Going to him, Agha Halis decided to bring Farid back from abroad, and marry him to one of the girls from a respectable family from Gaziantep.

The whole family “Orhan’s father, his mother Gülgün, and his deceased uncle’s wife İfakat” went to ask “Suna” for marriage. But he got to know “Seyran” before he saw her sister. Then he chose her to be his wife. So the life of the “Kazım” family turned upside down after this decision, which Suna considered a betrayal.

From her sister, Seyran, who was not aware of anything. but is in a relationship with a young man named “Yusuf”. And she decided to run away with him so as not to grieve her sister, but Yusuf was afraid and did not fulfill Seyran’s request to run away with her. To be forced to marry the rich, spoiled young man.

Fred Seyran interview

Seyran and Ferit meet in a store and they have a heated discussion. But Ferit took a liking to the stern girl who didn’t care about him and didn’t recognize him or go along with his attempts to get to know her. But he did not know that she would be the sister of his bride. When he went this evening to sermon Suna. Suna falls in front of them while serving coffee. At that time, Ferit saw the girl he argued with in the shop, Seyran. Finally, his mother said he wanted to marry the other. The girls’ father agreed to the marriage. Despite Seyran’s attempt to stand in front of her father so that her sister would not be sad, he beat her, imprisoned her, and forced her into marriage.

the actors of Kingfisher series

On the night of their marriage, Seyran is introduced to Ferit’s mistress. Seyran collapsed at what she was about to do. Even marrying the man she doesn’t love is in love with another girl. And he brought her in the same room in which she will be married.


Seyran And Ferit Marriage 
Seyran And Ferit Marriage

The duo’s relationship improved so much that love began between them. A great attempt by the hero to get close to the heroine. In more than one problem appeared in the tiller mode. Who protects his beloved from any problem approaching her. Or approach one of her family. Even when Suna is married to a man she does not love. He tried to protect her and smuggle her out of the house. He also helped her escape from her father’s house. Ifakat took over her education and became one of the people living in the palace.

A lot of events happen between Seyran and Ferit in an attempt to save their marriage from failure. But Pelin’s existence was the hardest part.

Especially after the appearance of Pelin’s mother, who is trying to force Ferit and his family to divorce him from his wife. and his marriage to her daughter Pelin. And the current war between Pelin’s mother and Halis Korhan’s family has become to separate Fred and his wife in any way.

ages of actors Kingfisher series – Yalı Çapkını

Everyone wonders about the ages of the serial actors. Find out with us the age of each of the stars of the series

Afra Saraçoğlu – Seyran, born on December 2, 1997, age 26 in 2023.
Mert Ramazan Demir – Ferit Korhan Born on November 25, 1998, age 25 in 2023
Çetin Tekindor – Halis Korhan – 16 July 1945 (age 77).
Şerif Sezer – Hattuç Şanlı – December 12, 1946 (age 76).
Gülçin Santırcıoğlu – Ifakat Korhan- 1977 (age 45–46).
Emre Altuğ – Orhan Korhan – April 14, 1969 (age 53).
Gözde Kansu – Gülgun Korhan – August 23, 1980 (age 42).
İrem Altuğ – Sultan – 15 September 1980 (age 42).
Öznur Serçeler Asuman Korhan- 10 October 1987 (age 35).
Buçe Buse Kahraman Pelin Yılmaz – April 1, 1996 in Izmir, Turkey. Her age in 2023 is 27 years old.
Yiğit Tuncay – Latif in 1978 his age in 2023 is 45.
Diren Polatoğulları –  Kazım Şanlı – February 12, 1980 (age 43).
Hülya – Duyar Şefika – 26 June 1970 (age 52).

Actors Kingfisher Series Yalı Çapkını
Actors Kingfisher Series Yalı Çapkını