What is Bertan Aslani religion Muslim or Christian

Bertan Aslani

Bertan Aslani, who became famous through the series Yabani, played the role of a rich boy with many problems. Although this character has appeared frequently in more than one series. But he was able to win the title of rich, heavy-blooded boy. He became one of the most important young actors performing such roles.

Rabia Soyturk Religion – Is she in a new relationship

Rabia Soyturk

Rabia Soyturk religion, childhood, family, a shining star in the sky of success and stardom. She has great luck, talent and presence that made her quickly become a star and heroine in her works. She appeared in a number of successful.

Can Bartu Aslan religion age family Religious belief

Can Bartu Aslan

Can Bartu Aslan is a beloved Turkish actor since his debut as a child actor. His love for acting was not born of the moment, but rather since his childhood. He was helped in his talent by his family standing by him.

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