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Birkan Sokullu is a handsome actor who is able to change his life path, shape, and way because of an action role. Who presented a number of roles that met with great success and praise from critics and the public. There is no single role that no one disagreed with. On the contrary, Birkan Sokullu was able to present the role of the psychopath, the successful businessman, the angry husband, the officer, and many other successful and influential roles.

Let’s get to know the Turkish star Birkan Sokullu more closely. What is Birkan Sokullu’s religion? his family? Is Birkan married and who is his first wife. Who is Birkan dating now? His beginning with acting, his new series, and a lot of information about him in detail.

Religion of birkan sokullu and his family

Our star light has an overwhelming presence and natural beauty. One of the handsome Turkish actors. His religion is Islam. He is from a Muslim family.

About Birkan’s family and origins, his family traces back to Bosnian immigrants. Before they moved to Istanbul, our star was playing football and was very professional. His family encouraged him to continue. But due to a foot injury, Birkan stayed away from football, which he played for ten years.

How old is birkan sokullu Sokullu?

Birkan was born on October 6, 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey, in a region called Minibio.

He studied radio and television programming at Maltepe University, and during his studies he started working in the field of fashion shows. But his dream was to act. This made him study acting at Dolunay Soysert. He was not satisfied with that, but studied at the Department of Drama and Acting at Aydın University in Istanbul for a year.

Is birkan sokullu Married

Yes. Birkan was married to Aslı Enver in 2012, and the marriage lasted until 2015, and the two divorced, to the great surprise of the two fans. where their love story was great. She was very famous in the artistic community. The marriage took place among family and friends. The marriage went on well for a while. It was said that the reason for Aslı Enver’s separation from Birkan was that Birkan wanted to have children, but Aslı did not want this because of her preoccupation with her artistic career.

birkan sokullu who dating now

Who is the girl that Berkan is currently dating? Our star dated many actresses after his divorce from Aslı Enver. He dated Berrak Tuzunatac, but the relationship did not last long. He then had a relationship with Dylan Cicek, which also did not last.

Currently, he is in love with Eda Gürkaynak. And each of them publishes pictures of them that bring them together on their Instagram account.

Does Birkan have a daughter

Birkan has no children. He did not have children from his original wife. As for the pictures spread of him with a little girl, she is his niece.

Because of the many pictures that Birkan publishes with a young child. Some thought he had a child from his marriage. But he did not have children from his only marriage to him. He did not have children from any relationship he had during that period.

Birkan Sokullu Girlfriend
Birkan Sokullu Girlfriend
Birkan Sokullu Daughter
Birkan Sokullu Daughter