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Burcu Biricik, a talented blonde star. Of special Turkish beauty. She has great talent. Grow with it wherever you go. Every work that Burcu Biricik has participated in has touched the hearts of the viewers. She was born in Antalya / Elmalı and this made her a girl with movement and lightness. She has a great and distinctive culture.

Let’s get to know Burcu Biricik together in detail, who is she and what is Burcu Biricik‘s religion? Who is her husband, when did she get married, and does she have children. What her family was like and how it affected her life. Her beginning with acting and how her talent grew. The most important and latest Burcu Biricik series and its latest news.

Burcu Biricik Religion

The main question in the life of any celebrity is what is his religion? Every celebrity has fans around the world. They are always looking around for information about him. Especially his religion. Here, Burcu Biricik‘s audience asks about her religion and religious beliefs. After searching, we found that her religion is Islam.

Burcu Biricik family

Where is Burcu Biricik and her family from, where was she born and what is her date of birth? It has its origins in Yoruk. It is a Turkish sub-region.

Burcu Biricik was born in Antalya / Elmalı in 1989. Her age in 2023 is 34 years old. Her height is 167 cm. And her weight is 50 kg. Her astrological sign is Taurus, as she was born on May 4th.

Burcu Biricik When She Small
Burcu Biricik When She Small

Her family says that she was a very beautiful child, with a cheerful and strong personality, with a beautiful, charming white face. Nobody sees her but loves her. She was a girl who excelled in her studies. In addition to her studies, she participated in the beauty pageant. After winning her, she participated in another contest, Miss Mediterranean. And she continued in many areas until she joined a theater, and that step was a watershed in the life of Burcu Biricik. Where she succeeded a lot. She finally found herself.

Burcu Biricik's Mother
Burcu Biricik’s Mother

Burcu Biricik husband

Is Burcu Biricik married? Yes, our star married Emre Yetkin in 2016. Their love story was great and lasted for many years. It was said that their relationship began eight years before marriage. On her wedding day, she wore white and held a red balloon, while her husband was wearing a dark red suit.

She said about her husband that he knew her cousin, he was his close friend. She got to know him and they both fell in love with each other. Although both of them were in an emotional relationship at the beginning of their acquaintance with each other. But their second interview was both single.

After their engagement, Burcu broke up with her lover, Emre. But soon they got back together again to discover the truth that they were made for each other. The two married in July 2016.

Burcu Biricik Husband
Burcu Biricik Husband

Burcu Biricik child

Do Burcu Biricik have children? Burcu met her husband, who is a photographer, in 2013 and they began dating for a while. Away from the public eye and fans. Until the press and paparazzi saw them in a restaurant. And each of them published pictures that brought them together on their pages on social networking sites.

Their relationship lasted for three years, leaving each other once and then getting back together again. They decided to get married, which took place on July 30, 2016, and after the wedding, they traveled to Bali to spend a special and quiet honeymoon together.

The cameras took a lot of pictures of them during their honeymoon and they traveled together around the world. But their marriage didn’t stop the two from taking an interest in their work.

And about their thoughts about having children and bringing them children, Burcu Biricik said about her having children that she is actually thinking about having children. She hopes to have a boy or twins, a boy and a girl.

Burcu Biricik Child
Burcu Biricik Child

new series

Burcu Biricik is currently playing a strong role through the series “Camdaki Kiz“, which premiered in 2021 and will continue for the second season until 2023. It talks about a young woman named Nalan Yilmaz. A girl who lived a harsh childhood because of her mother’s violence against her and protecting her from becoming a prey at the hands of any young man, she treated her very harshly. Nalan becomes a little complicated girl because of the lack of love in her life.

To see her as the daughter of a big businessman and marry his playful son. But she doesn’t know how to deal with him as a husband. And Nalan becomes under a lot of pressure from her mother to become a mother and give birth to her husband. Hayri, the driver, appears in front of her, and a love story begins between them. After separating from her husband, she discovers that Hayri is married and has children. This work is based on a true story of a female psychiatrist.

It should be noted that Burcu Biricik started acting on stage in 2006. Then, she began appearing in front of cameras through films such as Topragin Günlügü (2006) and Çilgin Dersane. The first drama series she appeared in was Düsman Kardesler, in which she played the role of Düsman Kardesler. Among the most famous roles she played on screens are Hayat Sarkisi, and co-starring Seray Gözler, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Tayanç Ayaydin, Ecem Özkaya, Birkan Sokullu, and Burcu Biricik in Hayat Sarkisi (2016).