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Ebru Sahin religion husband

a Turkish actress who starred in drama very much. Attracting the audience with every work you participate in. She diversified her roles to a degree that impressed her audience. She presented the role of the beloved good girl, and the role of the warrior. And the two roles succeeded with great success.

Learn about ebru şahin’s life story. What is ebru şahin’s religion and who is her husband? and her family’s religion. Her and her husband’s assets. Her beginning of acting and her new series. And other latest news of ebru şahin.

ebru şahin family and religion

Ebru şahin is one of the new actresses. Her acting career is 6 years old, since she started acting until 2023. Despite this, she is a first role star. And she has her fans who are always looking for her and her new works.

ebru şahin Her religion is Christianity. Despite the different opinions about her religion. Where she was said to be Jewish and some websites said she was Muslim. But it is now certain that she is a Christian

When was Ebru Sahin born؟

Ebru was born in Istanbul. Her date of birth is May 18, 1994. and Her age in 2023 is 29 years old. Her astrological sign is Taurus.

How tall is Ebru Sahin؟

Ebru is a very tall female entertainer. Where she is 170 cm tall.

Who is Ebru Şahin married to؟

Ebru şahin get married? July 2022 (Cedi Osman) ، Where did Ebru Sahin get married? married on 1 July in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Ebru had a romance with soccer player Cedi Osman for a while. Until they set a date for joy. The wedding took place on July 1, 2022. The wedding took place in Ohrid, Macedonia.

And it was a dream for her that her wedding ceremony be in Ohrid, Macedonia. and she agreed with her lover and husband, Cedi Osman. on this place during their relationship and engagement. The star posted pictures on her Facebook and Instagram account during and after her engagement party after their marriage. And also pictures of them on their honeymoon.


About her wedding, Ebru was very happy during her wedding to her husband, Cedi Osman. She wore a white dress with a big white hat. And a wonderfully designed dress, short and covered from mid to toe with tulle. And her hair was different from all weddings, which fell on the back. Rather, she braided her hair on both sides. After the marriage contract, she thought of those braids.

She changed her wedding dress twice. Each dress is completely different from the other. The celebration continued until the night. Ebru’s husband was dressed in a white suit and black trousers.

new series

The new Ebru series, Yüz Yillik Mucize, will be shown on screens in March 2023. Although few episodes of it were shown, the series attracted the interest of a number of TV drama followers. The series stars Birkan Sokullu, Ebru Sahin, Zerrin Tekindor, Necip Memili, Aysegül Cengiz, Gözde Seda Altuner, Ecem Çalhan, and Merve Nur Bengi.

His story is new and different, as it talks about an army officer who was at war with the army in Turkey. A bullet was fired at him and he died. And while he was buried under the soil, the spirit came into him again. He doesn’t know what happened to him. But years later, I discover that he is not getting old. Many of his family members died. To decide every thirty years to move from the place where he lives to another place and change his name.

Until he meets the writer Harika, to whom he decides to tell his life story in detail. She doesn’t know it’s his story. She thought it was just a fairy tale she might write. Events change after the first episode.

series of Ebru Şahin

Ebru started acting in Turkish dramas in 2017 with a role in the Savasci series, playing the role of Didem. Then she played a minor role in the Istanbullu Gelin series, in which she played the role of Burcu Selimer. In 2018 she co-starred in Yasak Elma playing Hira Bozok.

She landed her first starring role as Reyyan Sadoglu in the TV series Hercai. The girl who lives with her family who loves her for her kindness. But there is tension between her and her grandfather, and she does not know why. A young man named Miran comes from a large family, and the calm of that family has changed since his arrival.

One of the most famous series presented by Ebru is her role in the epic series – Destan. One of Akkiz’s best roles is a strong role. It takes a lot of effort and learning. Where she learned fencing with weapons and horseback riding and practiced many exercises until she came out with a strong role like that of Akkiz in the series Destan.

Akkiz in the series Destan
Akkiz in the series Destan