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Yiğitcan Ergin Religion Age Girlfriend and Biography

What is Yiğitcan Ergin’s date of birth and when did his artistic career start? Information about Yatcan Ergin for all fans and followers of Turkish theater and cinema.

His religion, nationality, zodiac sign, marital status and social network. Complete information about everything you want to know about him, including his personal life, biography, height, weight, and educational qualifications. Special details about his life and a series of personal photos of him.

Who is Yiğitcan Ergin?

Yiğitcan Ergin, date of birth is January 8, 1992, current age is 28 years old. Place of birth: Istanbul-Türkiye, nationality: Türkiye. His astrological sign is Capricorn, his religion is Muslim, height 1.88 meters, 80 kg, academic qualification: graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Acting Department. Favorite sport is basketball.

Biography of Yiğitcan Ergin

Turkish actor Yigit Can Ergen, born in 1992. He starred in a TV series called Racon For My Family.2015. He started acting in 2017, starring in the movie Bad Boy. 2017
In 2017, he joined the cast of the TV series Deli Gönül on Fox TV.
Yiğitcan Ergin played the character Selim in the series.

Yicanitcan Ergin as Commissioner Cemal in Back Streets. He was distinguished by his strength and courage. Aryan, who played the role of Commissioner Jamal, loved this character very much.
What arouses the curiosity of followers most is the person who catches the eye in the series. It was the courage of this actor and his professional mastery of this role. My raccoon family for the first time,
Camera with TV series Aslantuğ, Hande Doğandemir, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Barış Arduç

His first cinematic experience was a film of the same name, released in 2017. It was Bad Boy, adapted from the book to the film. Back in July 2017, Murat Onalmes, Aicha It aired starring Jigdem Batur and Tuvana Torkay.

He appeared in the series Deli Gönül as Selim in the third episode. Yigit Ergen, who has made a name for himself in many TV series and cinemas, took What is strange about his private life is that he is one of the tallest Turkish actors.

Yiğitcan Ergin and his girlfriend

There is not much information about Yiğitcan Ergin’s personal life. He is one of the actors who turns away from the cameras and the press so that his personal relationships, his family, and his girlfriend are not affected.

TV series and movies, actor Yigitcan Ergin

Camera lenses, actress Ella who plays the role of the lover in the TV series Arka Sokaklar on Kanal D. Yürüklu tells the love story of Ella and Yigit and Turkish star Yigit Can Ergen.

In 2015, the Raccoon Family series 2017 – Bad Boy (Bora) (film) Slim in 2017
He also participated in the series çılgın Kalp, and in 2019 he appeared in the TV series Arka Sokaklar.
Yigitcan Ergin in the TV series Deli Gönül, a Turkish TV series with subtitles
partner. The series is a romantic drama series that premiered on Fox on July 4, 2017.
It was shown on the channel. The events of the “Daily Yorick” series revolve around two people who love each other, “Muhammad.”
He talks about “Qadir” and “Fatima Nour”. Close to each other and at the same time
Very far from each other.

Now the facts are one step closer to them.
On the one hand, the devoted father, Muhammad Qadir, who does not want to lose his son, and on the other hand
On the other side stands Fatima Nour, who is protected by her father, who captured her in his own world.
It exists, and his soul will find it in its new life. “Mohamed Qadir” and “Fatima Nour” and
The disappointments they experienced in their youth serve as a teacher for them.
it will be. And when they smell hope, their roots will blossom again.