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İsmail Hacıoğlu Religion of actor

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Who is Ismail Hacioglu?

date of birth:
November 30, 1985
Place of birth: Istanbul – Türkiye
Age: I am 34 years old
Turkish language
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair color is black
a blink of an eye
Color: dark brown
Religion of Muslims
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Academic qualification: I studied music at Jezzine Arts Theater.
civil status:
His acting career began in 2001.

Ismail Hacioglu Date of Birth Religion Age Nationality

Actor İsmail Hacıoğlu was born on November 30, 1985 to a father whose family was of Turkish origin and immigrated from Bulgaria, and his father was nicknamed Muhammad the Bulgarian.

Mehmet Hasoglu, former football player of Fenerbah Haşa, Ismail Hacioglu, in primary school
He started acting in the fifth grade and studied theater at the Amwaj Jezzine Arts Center. He studied acting in the Theater Department at the Mimar Sinan University Conservatory. You graduate from the department.

He participated in his masters’ matches there for two seasons. He played for one season in the private theater founded by Aydogan Temer and Erdal Doman. Then he started voicing commercials in the Istanbul Youth Theater founded by Doman.

I started. While acting in “The Story of Istanbul” at Mimar Sinan State University, he joined the theater department at the institute, then left the university after 12 years.
He has a brother.

Does İsmail Hacıoğlu have a wife and daughter?

İsmail Hacıoğlu married actress Fidan Atasifer on April 10, 2010, and married his wife in 2014.
He left Istanbul and settled in a dacha. They separated on January 21, 2015 in Hacioglu

Duygu Kaya married again on February 5, 2016, and this marriage resulted in a daughter named Yamin.
Ismailoğlu and Duygu had a daughter. In early February 2016, his first wife Veldan Atasvir, better known as Penhal, got married for about four and a half years.

İsmail Hacıoğlu series

2001 He made his first appearance on the big screen with his participation in the film “Bana Sans”.
After performing he appeared in these TV series The Municipal Trainer, The Story of
Istanbul, The White Bag, The Grocer Series, The Voice of the Night is Doubt
Prison break series and TV series Zayrek and Shirek.

He played important roles on television, but gained his popularity through television series. He won by appearances. Osman Osman Osman Tukadi, aired on TRT in April 2013 and played the role of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the TV series.

He is best known for his role as Hossam in the series Hearts. The series is for the wealthy Arhan family. The story of a poor working girl who falls in love with the youngest son of this family, Amir.

He played the role of Mert in the movie Sinav in 2006. Exam,
He enlists the services of a professional thief played by Jean-Claude Van Damme
Five Turks are preparing to take the university entrance exam, and are recruited for robbery
A 2006 Turkish drama directed by Omer Faruk Surak, revolving around a high school student.
It is a comedy-drama film. . The film was released throughout Türkiye on October 20, 2006.
It was shown.

İsmail Hacıoğlu his religion his family his wife his nationality his family his acting career and his most important acting career including series and films
İsmail Hacıoğlu his religion his family his wife his nationality his family his acting career and his most important acting career including series and films