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What is the religion of burak can and his lover?


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burak can

The star who shined in the sky of fame, famous for his complex psycho roles. His talent is so strong, it made the viewer love his appearance on screens and wait for the new role that he will appear in. In our next article, we collected all the available information about the rising young Turkish actor Burak Can. His religion, his age, his date of birth. Is he… He has a girlfriend? And a lot of information is required to get to know your favorite star.

Who is burak can?

He is one of the Turkish drama actors who participated in many famous Turkish series and works. He quickly attracted the attention of the viewer, not only the audience but also the directors, as the directors surrounded him in distinctive complex roles.

Burak was born in 1996 and is currently 28 years old. He was born in Istanbul. His childhood was simple among his family. His love for acting was clear from childhood, and his family supported him a lot, as he received many acting lessons. He attended many art courses.

His studies were at the university, where he studied at the Institute of Fine Arts. After graduating, he took intensive courses in acting, so he began his practical journey by working in television advertisements until he got his first opportunity as an actor.

What is the religion of burak can?

The actor’s religion is like an identification card for him, and fans believe that the close star must also be close in his religion, which is similar to theirs. After extensive research into this actor’s religion, we found that he is a Muslim by birth, and that his family is also Muslim.

He participated in many works, including the movie “Nadide Hayat”. That was 2015. His story was about a widow who had recently lost her husband going back to college to graduate after 30 years.

Who is his lover?

Who is Burak Can’s girlfriend? This young actor is 27 years old, and despite this, he is busy with his artistic life, playing many roles and obtaining sufficient fame.

In 2023, he co-starred in the series Hazal Çaglar, Berk Atan, Cihat Suvarioglu, Nazli Pinar Kaya, and Semih Ertürk in Gönül Dagi (2020). He had a strong role, the role of Erkan Durmaz, and his partner in the series was the star Sude, who played the character Yesim Somer.

The duo began publishing pictures of themselves together, and followers expected that their closeness through the series would make them lovers. But no romantic relationship between them has yet been proven.

The first work in which Burak Can participated was The Red Scarf in 2011. In 2013, he participated in the series “I’ll Give You a Secret” and played the character of Burak. He also joined the series “The Hurricane Inside Me.” He also participated in episodes of the series “Al-Aqabi Lana” in 2018.

His first starring role was in the series Darisi Basimiza in 2018. Burak Can also played the role of “Aziz” in the series “Listen to Me” starring Caner Topcu, Rabia Ceviturk, Gokce Güneş Dogrosuz and Berk Hekman.