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The young actress Sude Zulal Guler, who has achieved great success in the recent period, and whose roles have been characterized by strength and the strong manifestation of her talent. Here is more information about that star in the following article in detail, who is Sude Zulal Guler, her date of birth, her age, her religion, and her lover.

What is the religion of sude zulal guler?

Many people search for information about their favorite star, especially very personal information, such as religion, and the principles of our star. The famous star, who met the cinema through her participation in the cinematic work “Discovery” in 2018, finally appeared in the TV series “Sherif Sozo” in 2020 and “Accidental.” Aşk” in 2021. It is usual for the beautiful actress, whose biggest hobbies are shopping and watching movies, to spend her idle hours with her close friends, and her favorite actor is Johnny Depp.

Her religion is the Islamic religion, meaning that Sude Zulal is a Muslim religion, not a Christian.

Once she finds her perfect man, she will become passionate, loyal, dependable and reliable. She is also known for her friendly and easy-going personality. Her attention to small details and desire to be perfect in all things helps her create connections with men who love to excel. In order to overcome shyness, she may take a long time to express her feelings, and sometimes she will make a joke to express her emotions, but as soon as she finds the one that suits her, she will open her heart to him little by little.

Some information about sude zulal

Our star was born on August 25, 2001. Her age in 2024 is 23 years. Her religion is Islam, her nationality is Turkish, and she was born in Istanbul. She began acting in 2013.

Her physical characteristics are very distinctive: her height is 160 cm, and her weight is 42 kg. Her studies were in…
Ozden Cengiz Anatolian High School. Her family supported her a lot to enter the field of art and acting, so she began her career by working as an agency cast, then she became involved in participating in a large number of television series episodes, commercial advertisements, and cinematic business projects.

But her real start was through the TV series “Cinar” in 2013. She played in the TV series “Mayis Kraliçesi (2015)” and “Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem.” And in cinema in 2018 through the movie Kesif.

her boyfriend and husband

Who is Sude Zulal Guler’s lover? First, let’s talk about our star. She is a humble person who works hard. She is passionate about lofty goals and tremendous causes, and does her best to serve those causes. You cannot meet a Virgo woman with disheveled clothes or without ironing. Once the enemy over-examines and scrutinizes every little circumstance that stands before her.

For her, love is a very big thing that she does not like to neglect with anyone, and she wants to search for the right person for that status, and this is what makes her stay away from temporary relationships for a while.

Despite her presence with the young actor Burak Can due to their presence together in the series Gönül Dağı yeni, which was shown for the first time on TRT1, some believed that there was a love relationship between them.