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The star of the series Gönül Dagi, which viewers loved and made his series one of the most famous and important Turkish drama series from 2020 until now, the work that caused his fame, and which fans admired and interacted with on his social media accounts.

Berk Atan is one of the young Turkish actors who became one of the biggest stars due to one work that was shown in 2020 and until now, this article will include all the information about his age, date of birth, religion, girlfriend, family, and his beginning in acting.

Information about berk atan

A bright young actor with a very great talent. He became famous through a number of series such as Girls of the Sun and others, so that the public and fans of Turkish drama around the world would recognize him.

He was born in the city of Izmir in 1991. He is 32 years old in 2023. He is a Turkish actor and model, Ghulam, from Izmir Province. On September 26, 1991, he participated in the Best Turkish Model competition in 2011 and won the title “The Promised Future.”

In a short time, he won the title of a rising actor and quickly won many awards and titles. His physical characteristics are very distinctive. He is 198 cm tall and weighs 75 kg. His astrological sign is Libra. He graduated from Beykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Acting Department, and began his acting career in 2013. .

His religion

Religion is one of the things that a fan of any celebrity would like to know, despite the sanctity and privacy of the information, but we have researched a lot about the religion of Berk Atan. What is it? We found that he is a Muslim by birth and has no connection to any other religion such as Christianity.

As for his family, they also belong to the Islamic religion, as they are Muslims by birth. Berke’s origins go back to a large city in Izmir, where he was born and lived, among a large family, brothers and cousins.

Berk Atan and his girlfriend

Does Burke have a lover or a close friend? Fans of every artist search for his personal relationships and his lover and whether he has an emotional relationship with one of them or not. So we searched for a long time about that relationship, and we found that he had many relationships, including his relationship with his partner in the Girls of the Sun series, the star Burgo Ozberk, but it is of course a relationship. It is fleeting, like a relationship between two colleagues, and they constantly deny it, saying that they are friends, and this is normal in that environment. Whenever a couple is close to each other, their followers make them lovers.

As for a relative, he was seen in one of the places in Turkey with his lover, Sim Ukar. Both of them insisted on not appearing in front of the camera, and they were wearing jeans and a jacket to hide their faces. They entered a bazaar in the place together, and when they left, they tried to hide their faces from the camera, and so the issue baffled a large number of people. From media professionals because it is known about them that they have been living a love affair for seven years.