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What is the religion of burak berkay akgül and his wife?


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burak berkay

A name that has shined recently in Turkish drama, he quickly became a brilliant screen boy despite presenting many works, one of the young actors who did not limit himself to roles, but rather distinguished himself by his successful choice in every work he participated in so far.

Because of Burak Berkay’s role in the Safir series, the number of his followers and fans increased on social media sites such as Instagram, with their attachment to the character Yaman and Faya in the series increasing.

Let us find out all the information about the series: what is his religion, what is his nationality, his date of birth and age, who is his girlfriend, and does he have a real relationship with the heroine of the Safir series “Özge Yagiz.”

Burak Berkay religion

The star of the Safir series, the actor who excelled in presenting the role of Prince Kaya Tegin in the Destan series, is a star who is rising strongly towards stardom, and his popularity has increased greatly, and for this reason he asks his followers about everything related to this artist, especially his religion and his lover.

What is Burak Berkay’s religion? After research, we found that Burak Berkay’s religion is Islam, and that he is a Muslim by birth like most people born in Turkey in those days, and that his family belongs to the Islamic religion.

 what is the date of birth and age of burak berkay akgül

Our shining star was born in Istanbul. His date of birth is February 24, 1997. His age in 2024 is 27 years old.

Burak Berkay’s wife

Who is Burak Berkay Akgül’s wife? Did Burak Berkay Akgül get married? Is there a girl in his life? We will answer all these questions one by one.

First, our star is not married as of the date of publishing this article. Despite his handsomeness, the strength of his presence, and the number of his followers, which are greater one day than the other, he is not married.

Burak Berkay’s sweetheart

Our star was in a love relationship before appearing in the Turkish series Al-Yaqout, when he had an emotional relationship with actress Özge Yagiz, as he was in a love relationship with Hira Koyuncuoğlu, years ago, especially when he was a star in the series Destan, the wonderful story series, which was shown in 2021 until 2022.
The story began when the actor was in love with his colleague Hera Koyuncuoğlu, with whom he played part of the series in Maria and Mustafa, which was broadcast on the ATV channel for a long time. On Burak Berkay Akgul’s birthday, who turns 25 years old, his lover Hera Koyunoglu posted a romantic post on her Instagram account.

The beautiful Hera Koyuncuğlu, a social media influencer, who shot a romantic video on the sea with Burak on social media, also wrote a romantic article.

But suddenly, with the start of the Sapphire series, Burak canceled his girlfriend Hira Koyuncuoğlu and started dating the Turkish star, his partner in the Özge series. Events began regarding her new contracts.

burak berkay akgül
burak berkay akgül