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Who is Sinem Kobal?

Turkish Sinem Kobal, one of the beloved Turkish actresses, one of the good luck actresses, the actress who married the Turkish actor Kenan Amirzalioglu. They appeared together on screens and it was a strong meeting that turned into a love story and then marriage.

In this article, we will learn together about the actress Sinem Kobal, to learn together about her date of birth, her age, her religion, her husband, her family, and a lot of information about her lover and husband, and then we will move on later to her acting career.

Our star is a talented and beautiful actress. She has a strong presence on screen, and is able to embody different characters. It is also very popular with the Turkish audience.

Information about her religion, age, family, and upbringing

Sinem Kobal was one of a large group of actors, including Kenan Imirzalioglu, Cansu Demirci, Dilara Kurtulmu, Hazal Senel, to be one of the TV and drama celebrities like them.

Firstly, where were you born? This star was born on August 14, 1987 in the Turkish city of Istanbul, so her age in 2024 will be 37 years. Many people ask about her astrological sign. Her astrological sign is Leo, and she is very convinced by everything that speakers say about people with this sign.

As for Sinem Kobal’s religion, it is Islam, as our star is a Muslim by birth. All of her family belongs to the Islamic religion, and many wonder about her husband’s religion. Her husband, actor Kenan Emirzalioglu, is a Muslim and not a Christian.

Her education and beginning of her career

Sinem studied acting at university, where she graduated from the Theater Department of Beykent University in Istanbul.

As for her history, Avni Sinem Kubal began her acting career in 2007, where she appeared in a small role in the TV series “Girls’ Secrets.” In 2008, she got the starring role in the TV series “Selena”, which was a huge success in Turkey.

Is Sinem Kobal married?

Many people are misunderstood about Sinem’s marriage and who is her husband? Many people wonder about the relationship between Sinem Kobal and her husband Keenan, how it began, what their love story is, and when their love story began. Then the couple got married on Cunda Island six years ago, and they are considered one of the most favorite celebrities among the public who follows their private news on social media. Then their relationship began in 2016, and the couple quickly decided to culminate this love in marriage, getting married in 2016 and giving birth to their first daughter in 2020.

What is their love story? Senem was in a romantic relationship before Kenan with a football player named “Arda Turan,” and this story continued for a while until they actually got engaged in 2010. But it happened that this story turned into the opposite, as Arda’s athletic level declined and she was accused of being the reason for this decline in level, so Sanam separated. About him in 2013.

Relationships in the life of Sinem Kubal

She also appeared with actor Ibrahim Chilikol in the series Black and White Love, and the two became very close. Then they were engaged to each other for only one year and separated without clear reasons. However, Chilikol explained that he proposed to her, but she refused to marry him, and that he was waiting for her to marry at any time.

Sinem Kobal and her daughters

After her marriage to Kenan Emirzalioglu, she gave birth to her first daughter, “Lalin,” in 2020, and in 2022, she welcomed her second daughter, whom they named Laila.

Sinam told us about her great happiness from her private life and that God blessed her with two daughters with whom she crowned her marriage. She is one of the very lucky women to be married. She created a family in a short time, and she always thanks God for this valuable gift.

Sinem Kobal movies and series

Sinem Kobal started acting in a movie in 2004 and it was a simple role, but she became creative in 2003-2004 when she participated in a role in the series “Lise Defteri”. In 2005, she participated in two works: The High School Notebook and Nafas Nafas. It then received positive reviews from critics and viewers. Many considered her a talented and beautiful actress with a promising future in acting.

She is best known for her role in the TV series “Sultana Kösem” (2015-2016), where she played the role of “Sultana Kösem”, the mother of Sultana Nurbanu. She won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress for her role in this series.

She also appeared in several other television series, including “Selena” (2006-2008), “Girls’ Secrets” (2010-2011), and “Love in the Wind” (2013-2014). And the series “The Other Side of Love.” In 2010, she received a strong opportunity to star in the television series “Asrar Al-Banat.”

Sinem Kobal starred in the TV series “Sultana Kosem”, which became a huge hit in Turkey. To receive the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress for her role in this series.

She also played the lead role in the television series “Love in the Wind” and the series “The Other Side of Love.”