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ozge gurel, a beautiful Turkish actress. With a special presence and distinguished talent. She has attracted attention since her debut with the role of Zainab. Özge Gürel is a star who gathered all the features to be one of the most important Turkish drama actresses.

Let’s get to know the actress Özge Gürel, who is she? And what is her love story with Serkan Cayoğlu? And how did it start. What is her religion, family, height and weight? Let’s get acquainted with her beginning with acting, her most important series, and her new series.

ozge gurel’s religion

Many of her fans ask what is ozge gurel‘s religion? Is she a Muslim or a Christian? But we made sure that ozge gurel is a Muslim, not a Christian.

ozge gurel family

Our star was born in Istanbul on February 5, 1987. But she lived with her family in Silivri, Turkey. Her father’s family origins are Circassian. The rest of the family is from the Thessaloniki immigrant Turks.

Özge Gürel husband

Ozge Gurel married to Serkan Cayoğlu, the star of the Turkish drama. Married in 2022. In a beautiful wedding. Our star wore more than one different white dress.

özge gürel and serkan çayoğlu

Turkish stars özge gürel and serkan çayoğlu‘s relationship began after they appeared together through the romantic comedy drama series “Cherry Season”. Since then, the duo has been in a loving relationship. That relationship continued to have its ups and downs. A quarrel occurred between them, but they soon got back together again. Until the news of their marriage spread in 2022.

özge gürel and can yaman relationship

Ozge Gurel appeared with actor Can Yaman in Dolunay and they had great chemistry. Through this work, a love affair arose between them for a while. But she did not live long. And that relationship ended.

ozge gurel wedding

About her wedding It was a beautiful ceremony in which Özge Gürel appeared very elegant and beautiful. She appeared in full happiness and beauty. She chose a very elegant white dress. Bare chest. But it’s long. With a simple gorgeous hairstyle. She showed the beauty of her slender face. Her husband, serkan çayoğlu, also wore a light-colored suit, the same tone as the bride’s dress. The suit was tailor-made for the day. Short in the front and long in the back.

She also wore a wonderful dress on the last day of the wedding, with an elegant classic hat. And her husband wore the classic black suit.

Since then, the duo has been posting pictures of them together on social media, the most important of which is Instagram, on special religious occasions. Such as the celebration of Christmas and Eid celebrations for Muslims.

movies and tv shows Özge Gürel

Özge Gürel started acting in 2013 when she played the character “Melisa” in Huzur Sokagi series. But she became more famous when she played the role of Öykü Acar in Kiraz Mevsimi or Cherry Season. It was one of the most popular series of its time. Serkan Çayoglu, Nilperi Sahinkaya and Daghan Külegeç co-star.

As for the work that helped her become more famous, Dolunay, when she presented the character Nazli. The series was shown for the first time in 2017. It attracted everyone’s attention. She and her co-star Can Yaman.

We also mention many of her works including Annem in 2019, Börü in 2018, the romantic comedy film Ilk Öpücük in 2017, and the romantic comedy drama Organik Ask Hikayeleri in 2017 with Ceyda Kasabali, Onur Özaydin and Serah Henesey.

Among her wonderful TV works is the series Muhtesem Ikili, the first episode of which was shown in 2018 and continued until 2019. Starring Ibrahim Celikkol, Kerem Bürsin, Öykü Karayel, Engin Senkan and Zafer Algöz. In 2020, she returned to work with Can Yaman again with the series “Bay Yanlis”. This work stars Gürgen Öz, Sarp Can Köroglu and Cemre Gümeli.

ozge gurel new series

Özge Gürel‘s new series is “Sipah”, an action series. It revolves around one of the dark terrifying organizations headed by the Director. which became a threat to Turkey. As it spreads terror and terror to the people there. And it puts the Turkish economy in great danger. All this through organized cyber attacks. that steal information and money. Then men from the Turkish intelligence service called Sipah intervened to try to stop these repeated electronic attacks.

She also co-starred in the romantic comedy series “Hayaller Ve Hayatlar”, which talks about a group of people who are chasing after their dreams. Co-starring Aybüke Pusat, Melisa Pamuk, Yesim Ceren Bozoglu, Serkay Tütüncü and Yusuf Çim.

Özge Gürel baby

Does Özge Gurel have a baby? Our star often appears in pictures of herself with her little girl. These pictures are constantly posted on social media. Her fans thought she gave birth to a baby girl. Is that baby her daughter?

no. That little girl is her sister’s daughter? Since her arrival in the world, she has been photographing alongside her. They always post pictures of them.

And about her having children from her husband, she said that she is not currently thinking of having children because they are busy with their artistic career. But the idea is not impossible.

özge Gürel And Serkan çayoğlu
özge Gürel And Serkan çayoğlu
Özge Gürel Baby Sister
Özge Gürel Baby Sister