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who is kadir dogulu ?

kadir dogulu This handsome actor. Social media talk always with his relationships and business. He has an unparalleled talent for acting. But he is also a very attractive man. This is what makes him always surrounded by girls and ladies. But he married the star of the Turkish drama “neslihan atagül“, which captured his heart from the first moment. But his betrayal of Neslihan Atagül is always publicized.

Let’s get to know Kadir Doğulu more closely, who is he and what is his religion? Is he a Muslim or a Christian? His personal life and romantic relationships. His wife and their wonderful, cohesive relationship, despite the spread of rumors of his betrayal and his marriage to the imam of the mosque.

Here is more information about his acting career and his work in restaurants and food. When did he start acting and what is his new series?

kadir dogulu religion

All the fans and admirers of the actor Kadir Dogulu ask: Is Kadir Dogulu a Muslim or a Christian? The answer is he is a Muslim.

Kadir Dogulu origin and family

His real name is Abdulkadir Dogul. Kadir was born on April 19, 1982. His age in 2023 is 41 years old. He is 182 cm tall and weighs 75 kg. Born in Mersin, Turkey.

Kadir Dogulu originates from Mersin, Turkey, where he was born and lived until the end of his education. During his school years, Abdulkadir worked in many different jobs, the most important of which was his work in restaurants.

Is kadir dogulu Married? To neslihan atagül

The relationship of the beautiful duo Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül appeared many years ago, dating back to 2013. They got engaged in November 2015. The wedding took place in July 2016.

kadir dogulu and neslihan atagül wedding

A love relationship emerged between the wonderful duo since 2013. The acquaintance did not last long, as they got engaged in 2015 in a nice and simple Hail ceremony. Where Neslihan fell in love with Kadir quickly, which made them agree to complete the marriage in 2016 in a luxurious, legendary wedding ceremony. Neslihan wore a simple yet elegant white dress.

kadir dogulu cheat on his wife

Since Kadir Doğulu‘s marriage to Neslihan, many allegations of treason have surfaced from Kadir, with evidence and photos. Where he is with other women in different night spots and he plays with them. This made the couple’s fans nervous and got a lot of harsh reactions from them.

The latest allegations of infidelity that spread in April 2023. When she published a photo of Kadir Doğulu with a woman other than his wife in a nightclub. He was photographed in an inappropriate position. The pictures were quickly posted on social media. To make sure his audience that Kadir is betraying his wife, who loves him very much and does not give anyone a chance to speak ill of him.

But their fans were surprised the next day when a post by Neslihan came out confirming that there is no betrayal and that what is happening is just a normal phenomenon in a place of hustle and bustle.

He also shared a picture of them holding hands in Kadikoy.

Although rumors have always circulated between them since their marriage, Neslihan is holding on to her love. And very confident in her husband. And that there is no other in his heart. No matter how much spread or try to sign between them. Neslihan confirmed more than once that she trusts her husband, Kadir Doğulu, and that he has the freedom to choose his friends with whom he has fun.

Kadir Doğulu And Neslihan Atagül After The Rumor Of Treason Spread
Kadir Doğulu And Neslihan Atagül After The Rumor Of Treason Spread
Betrayal Of Kadir Doğulu
Betrayal Of Kadir Doğulu
Kadir Doğulu His Wife
Kadir Doğulu His Wife
Kadir Doğulu
Kadir Doğulu