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Mert Ramadan Demi, a very attractive Turkish actor. The most searched young stars on social networking sites. Despite the small number of works, he has more than 2 million and a half followers on his official Instagram website. After being presented with the role of Ferit in the series “Yalı Çapkını” The Kingfisher. He became very famous and a sign of success. So much so that they changed the promotional poster for the series “Şahmaran – Verified
Magnet by Netflix” for another poster featuring mert due to his great fame. To be a kind of promotional advertisement for the Şahmaran series. Here is more information about mert ramazan demi in detail.

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mert ramazan demir religion

What is the religion of Turkish actor Mert Ramadan Demi? He was born in Istanbul in 1998. His age in 2023 is 25 years. His religion is Islam. He belongs to a religious Muslim family.

Mert Ramazan Demir height

He is 178 cm tall. Mert is considered a short man. In Turkey, although they are known for their great length. It appears in many of the actors of his generation.

Mert studied acting at the acting studio of Anlatim Iletisim and Michelle Danner.

He is one of the dreamers of acting and fame since he was seventeen years old. He decided to move in with his brother. To act when the opportunity arises.

I like to read theatrical stories like Hamlet. Studying metabolism in metabolism and already presented a number of theatrical novels before he started his first role in the TV drama in the Çıplak series and played the title role.

mert ramazan demir birthday

He was born in Istanbul in 25 November 1998. His age in 2023 is 25 years.

mert ramazan demir parents & family

What is the mert family? What is the influence of his family on him?

Each of us has a family that loves him and wishes him more success and a great future. Mert’s childhood was special and his family loved him very much. This appears from the photos he publishes with his brother. Known to be the youngest of five siblings. Those who moved to Istanbul for more knowledge and culture and to live different cultures than they lived in their city.

mert ramazan demir Afra Saracoglu

Is it true that there is a love relationship between Mert Ramadan Demir and Afra Saraçoğlu? Mert and Afra’s relationship is not new, as they have been friends for a very long time. Where they appeared together in many series previously. This made them close friends.

new girlfriend

afra was in a love relationship with the actor “Mert Yazicioglu” for a very long time. Where they appeared together in one of the works, and their relationship continued until the beginning of 2023, and after the success of the series “Kingfisher Bird” and her relationship with Mert, which developed a lot.

The duo “Mert Yazicioglu and afra saraçoğlu” separated and left the house that brought them together in February 2023. But there is no confirmed information about Afra Saracoglu’s relationship with mert ramazan so far, despite their success together a lot throughout the show’s episodes of their series. Despite her former lover’s association with actress “Dilan Çiçek Deniz”.

mert ramazan demir brothers

Who are the brothers of the famous Turkish actor Mert Ramadan Demir? He was known to have five male siblings. He lived with them for a long time. So each one of them moved to live in a place alone. Some of them went to Istanbul. This is what encouraged Mert to travel to Istanbul and stay with him for a while until he finished his studies in acting. After gaining fame and starting to work as an actor, he settled down to live on his own.

Series Mert Ramadan Demir

One of the most important series in which Mert co-starred is Yalı Çapkını- Kingfisher.

Mert plays the protagonist of the series, Ferit. A rich, spoiled young man who loves to stay up late, travel, and meet women. In a relationship with a girl outside of marriage. His grandfather and his family force him to marry another girl. His mother promised him to live in great freedom despite the marriage. And he will not break off his relationship with his beloved.

Fred’s life is turned upside down after his marriage to Seyran. To fall in love with Seyran and move away from his beloved with time. But life is not that easy. Ferit will fall into many problems that cause him to be separated from his wife, whom he loves so much, over time. He does not know how to reconcile his marriage with all these problems between them.

the series Shahmaran

He also participated in the series Shahmaran. Although he is not the lead role, his fame in the series Kingfisher made him a star in the series Şahmaran. In it he plays the role of Cihan. The snake transforming into a human. He tries to get close to Sahsu. But the legend does not say that. Events begin to change a lot. And the war starts between Sahsu and Maran in order to get closer to Sahsu.

One of Mert’s old works at the beginning of his acting career. Derekh in the series “Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters”. Then he participated in a role in “Üç Harfliler: Adak” in 2019, which is a horror series. He co-starred in Sesinde Ask Var and Çiplak. One of the most important roles he played was the “Moallem Series”, which was one of the most important roles played by Mert.

The second season of the series Yali Çapkini

Filming for the second season of the Yali Çapkini series began on the first of September 2023, with the first episodes scheduled to be shown in mid-September. Before the start of filming these episodes, many rumors spread about the series’ heroes Mert and Avra. Where pictures spread of them together in the middle of the sea kissing each other. Not many days passed until it was confirmed that the two stars had separated from each other. No one knows the truth, and neither Avra ​​nor Mert Ramadan came out to confirm or deny the statement.

Ferit In The Series Yalı Çapkını The Kingfisher
Ferit In The Series Yalı Çapkını The Kingfisher
The Series Shahmaran
The Series Shahmaran