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a Turkish actress with a great artistic career. Where she participated in many successful Turkish drama series.

Let’s get to know melisa Asli Pamuk , her religion, her age, and her date of birth. From that young actress who has gained a lot of success to be her heroine in a short time. Does she have a boyfriend or is she married. Lots of extensive information about it in the next article.

Who is melisa asli Pamuk ?

Her full name is Melisa Aslı Pamuk, and she has 5 million followers on Instagram. She is a very interactive actress on social networking sites. This is what made her followers always interact with her.

She was born in Istanbul, but of Dutch descent. Her date of birth is April 14, 1991 · Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

An actress who presented the second championship at the beginning of her work. Until she achieved success quickly, her role grew within a few works, to become Melisa Aslı Pamuk, one of the stars wanted by producers and directors to become the heroine of their series.

Outstanding natural beauty. Her beauty is remarkable. Since appearing in the series Endless Love. The burgundy girl with wide eyes and long, soft black hair. Her tall, slender stature and striking gracefulness. And a specific face, as if it came out of a successful and complete plastic surgery.

These specifications made her Miss Turkey in 2010 and 2011. The multicultural Dutch girl captured minds with her talent, beauty, and overwhelming presence.

Her Family

She is of Dutch descent. As her family returns from the Netherlands from Iskenderun Bahatay. Her family took care of her studies and education well to set a good example for her family. After completing her pre-university studies. Then her family decided to send her to study at the University of Amsterdam. To graduate with a degree from the Faculty of Psychology.

Although she graduated from university and studied psychology, this profession was not her dream. She entered the world of art by joining the beauty pageant. Then she joined the field of fashion shows. To get her the title of the most promising model in the field of fashion shows.

Before entering the field of acting, our star melisa asli Pamuk took many courses to study acting. She has also studied many languages, as she is fluent in speaking English, German, Turkish and Dutch, and she also speaks a little French.

her height

Turkish star melisa asli Pamuk is 176 cm tall. It is a distinctive length for the length of women. She is considered one of the tallest actresses. She also maintains her ideal weight by exercising. And refrain from eating harmful to health.

melisa asli Pamuk religion

What is Melisa Aslı Pamuk’s religion? Is Melisa Pamuk Muslim or Christian Religion. Her religion is Muslim. Where she is a Muslim by birth.

her brother

Melisa always posts pictures of herself with her family. Among those pictures is a picture of her with her brother Kaan Pamuk. He is her only brother. They always reply to any picture or comment they have. Spontaneously and beautifully. For fans to interact with them with love.

melisa asli pamuk husband name

Does Melisa Asli Pamuk have a boyfriend? Of course, this question is naturally asked by fans of the actress. Who is Melissa’s boyfriend?

Melissa was in a relationship with actor Mustafa Mert Koç for a while and then they broke up. It was also said that she was in a relationship with basketball player “Ozhan Ozyakup” for a while.

mustafa mert koç melisa aslı pamuk
mustafa mert koç melisa aslı pamuk
Melisa Aslı Pamuk's Brother
Melisa Aslı Pamuk’s Brother
Fahter Of Melisa Aslı Pamuk
Fahter Of Melisa Aslı Pamuk