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Enes Koçak, a young and up-and-coming Turkish actor. Who started his acting career a few years ago. His attempt to climb the ladder of stardom quickly. And obtaining a great position among the young actors of his age.

Here is information about that young actor Enes Koçak, who he is and where he was born. What is his age and date of birth. His upbringing and childhood. Does he have a boyfriend or a close friend? And his first works and series, in which he co-starred.

Who is Enes Kocak?

He is a young Turkish actor who appeared on screens for the first time in the series “Hakim-Hakim” and because of his talent, presence and handsomeness. He was chosen again to play a role in the series “Queen – Kraliçe”. So Enes Koçak young actor starred and got his third role in a summer series called Kendi Düsen Aglamaz.

Enes Koçak’s Religion, Age and Date of Birth

Since Enes Koçak first appeared on screens with the Queen series. The viewer, a fan of Turkish dramas, began to ask about it. Who is he and what is the age of that handsome young man. Strong talent. And what is his religion?

Enes Koçak‘s religion is Islam. Where he is a Muslim by birth. And that his entire family is Muslim. As for his date of birth, it is difficult to know, as he is one of the new stars.

Enes Koçak
Enes Koçak

But we will keep searching until we find Enes Koçak‘s age and date of birth. Keep reading the article.

Enes Koçak family

Enes Koçak has been living with his family since he was born until now. He does not like being away from them, no matter how old he is. As his family has been his first support since childhood. since he was in school. It allowed him to participate in any artistic work held in the school, such as concerts, plays, and others.

As for his talents besides acting, he loved playing football. He also practices bodybuilding to maintain his physical fitness. Enes Koçak loves to travel a lot, sit in front of the sea, and take pictures.

Enes Koçak girlfriend

Does Enes Koçak have a girlfriend and who is she? No, our star does not have a girlfriend. He is not in a romantic relationship with any of them yet. He is currently only interested in their professional future.

Enes Koçak, A Young And Up And Coming Turkish Actor
Enes Koçak, A Young And Up And Coming Turkish Actor

Enes Koçak series

Young actor Enes Koçak started acting in 2022 through the series Hakim. The story of a fair judge known for his integrity, but he gets into a problem regarding his son, who makes him compelled to protect him from a case fabricated for him. This series stars Erdal Besikçioglu, Ebru Özkan, Yurdaer Okur, Ugur Yücel, Hasibe Eren, Fatih Berk Sahin and Eslem Akar.

Then he participated in a role in the series “Queen – Kraliçe” starring Burcu Özberk, Gökhan Alkan, Selin Sekerci, Özgün Karaman, Bülent Düzgünoglu, Ayse Akin, Özgür Cem Tugluk, Ferhat Yilmaz and Gülsehri Mina Kekeç.

Enes Koçak Series
Enes Koçak Series

His story was about a happy family whose name gets into a big scandal. Atish is a husband, he has a daughter and a wife whom he loves. He is a famous basketball player in his country. His name falls under the tongues of people in a great scandal. To broadcast a video of him with a big scandal for him and his family. Let his wife come out and slap him in the face and leave him and go. To turn the life of that happy family into a miserable one.