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is Muslim or Christian, age, birth its history and horoscope, its series and the most important figures it presents, and complete information about his personal life and the beginning of his career He works in acting and television with a complete report about him.

Who is Sercan Badur?

Date of birth: October 1990.
Birthplace: Istanbul, Türkiye.
Muslim religion.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio.
Height: 175 cm.

Biography of Sercan Badur

Turkish actor Sercan Badur was born in Istanbul in October 1990, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.
He studied theater at Mimar Sinan University and graduated from 2010.
He has worked in theater since then and also appeared in some commercial advertisements.
In 2008, he presented a series of successful TV series.

Sercan Badur’s acting debut

Turkish actor Sercan Badur started his acting career in 2007 with a movie called “Geç”.
He started by participating in filming, then presented a number of TV series and most importantly, Jihad’s
She became famous for several different roles, one of which is her role in the famous Turkish TV series. “Your roses
War” series and then television work followed.

The most famous One of his roles is in the show, whose production started in July 2014. and its second season was shown in February 2016 with great success. The series that comes across is his role in the War of the Roses, the series begins with his death.

character of Gori Turkish actress Damla Sönmez, who plays the character of Doctor Omar, Lale Turkish actor Janan Argodar, who plays the character of Sepahi, Turkish actor Sercan Turkish actor Barış Kılıç, who played the character of Badur, is Tulip’s sick brother.

Cihad Sepahi joined the series. The series is based on the Syrian dialect and consists of two parts. It is composed and classified as a romantic drama.

Sercan Badur Lady of the Farm TV series

The famous Turkish TV series Our Lady of the Farm, by the famous Turkish writer Orhan Kemal
is a Turkish romantic drama series based on the novel. Moroccan dialect and
It is called “Don’t Forget” and is also translated into Syrian dialect.
voiced. The series was broadcast on many Arab channels and was a great success
won. The series was written by Zolkov Yusel and directed by Faruk Tiber.
It revolves around class differences within Turkish society in the city of Adana.

The poor class lives in the palaces and houses of the rich politicians class.
works, and despite their differences in everything, love forces them against their will. It combines. The series was first broadcast on Turkish screens in September 2009 and It was last published in June 2011.

The best Turk who participated in the series
A group of actors are Turkish actors who embody Montaser’s personality.
actor Mehmed Aslantuk, Turkish actor Kaner who plays the character of Kemal Turkish actor Özgü Namal plays the character of Senderok, Kholoud.

Turkish actor Tokçi Ursay, who plays the role of Kenza, Turkish actor Sercan Badur plays the character of Samir, who plays the character of Turkish actor Haqan Boyav.
Turkish actress Ebru Özcan İmran, who plays the role of Hatice,
The personality of Turkish actor Fikret Koçkan Raşid, who plays the character of İntissar
Turkish actor Ephrem Solmaz and others who played the role, the series was a great success.

Sercan Badur “Umut” in We Are Not Innocent

Actress Sercan Badur is one of the most famous and wonderful Turkish TV series.
in the series We Are Not Innocent, a dramatic work in which a group of Turkish stars participated.
won the leading role. The series focuses on some companies and events.
It revolves around some friends. The series was produced and shown in the second half.
has entered. The story of the series from 2018, since they are classmates
It follows a group of five friends who have been in a relationship for years. Events
years pass, things that change their lives, make them friends and enemies
Many situations occur that reveal secrets from the past, and it is directed by Levent.
Turkan takes over.

Turkish actor Uraz Kaycılaroğlu, who participated in the series, is a Turkish actor.
actor Amir Suikan, Turkish actress Damla Sönmez, Turkish actress Auchan Kakir, Turkish
series featuring actress Gizem Denizçi, Turkish actress Seda Olguner and others
has achieved great success. started his show on Arab screens as well
was shown and was successful in the Arab world.

Sercan Badur TV series

He participated in the TV series “The Spirit of the Age”, which was released in 2008.
In 2014, she starred in the TV series “Our Lady of the Farm”. Released in 2013
He participated in the TV series Ateş Altınde Aşk.