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Hande Dogan Demir: A comprehensive biography

personal information:

Date of birth: November 22, 1985
Age: 38 years
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Place of birth: Ankara, Türkiye
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Martial status: single
Ex-boyfriend: Mert Firat (they separated in 2023)Educational qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Ankara University

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Hande Dogan Demir was born in 1985, on the twenty-second day of November in the Turkish capital, Ankara. She joined the Faculty of Arts at Ankara University, Department of Sociology, but she did not complete her studies in the department and transferred to the Department of History and Geography. In addition to the Turkish language, Hande Dogan mastered the language. Demir spoke English and French, but she felt an overwhelming love for acting. She joined the 35 Academy and obtained a degree in acting. She began her artistic career by working behind the scenes, where she worked in directing.

Hande Dogandemir’s fans always follow her artistic news and follow her distinguished looks. Hande’s fans ask about her weight and height. We learned that Hande Dogan Demir’s weight is 65 kilograms and her height is 175 cm. This is the secret of her appeal, the grace that distinguishes her and the slender figure that she has. with it.

Hande Dogandemir new and ex-boyfriend

Her relationship with Karam Boursin: He co-starred with her in the series “Beyond the Sun” in 2013, and rumors spread about the existence of a romantic relationship between them, but they were not confirmed by either of them.
Her separation from Mert Virat: The reason for their separation was not announced, but some speculation spread about the incompatibility between them.

A love story arose between her and the famous Turkish star “Okan Yalabek,” who played the role of Ibrahim Pasha in the series “Harem of the Sultan,” but their love story ended quickly and suddenly, and rumors spread that the reason for Hande’s separation from Okan was because of her cheating on him with the Turkish star “Engin.” Ozturk, who was known to the public for his role as “Selim” in the series “Harem of the Sultan,” especially after pictures of them together spread, but the existence of any relationship between them was denied, and no one has yet known the reason for Hande’s separation from “Okan Yalabek.”

Hande Dogan Demir and Kerem Bursin:

A successful duo in the series “Beyond the Sun.” The star Hande Dogan Demir co-stars with the young Turkish actor Kerem Bursin in the series “Beyond the Sun.”

Karam Boursin portrayed the character of Karam, a teenage high school student who experiences many surprises and unexpected events during adolescence. The series “Beyond the Sun” achieved unparalleled public success, co-starring Emre Kenai, Yagmur Tanrisavar, and Ismail Aga Shashmaz.

In addition: Hande Dogan Demir played the role of “Zeynep” in the series. The series was directed by İlker Bilgin, and written by Ece Yörenç and Meriç Acemi. The series premiered in 2013 on the Turkish ATV channel.

The series won many awards, including the Best Series award from the Golden Butterfly Awards in 2014. It is believed that the participation of Hande Dogan Demir and Kerem Bursin in the series contributed to its great success. Hande Dogan Demir and Kerem Bursin are still two of the most famous Turkish actors at the moment.

Hande Dogan Demir and Mert Firat: a sudden departure and mystery

In a strange situation, journalists’ cameras monitored the actress Hande Dogan Demir leaving the café where she was eating with her lover, the Turkish actor Mert Firat.

Incident details:

Hande and Mert were eating in a famous café.
Suddenly, Handa left the café alone without warning.
Handa refused to answer journalists’ questions about the reason for her departure.
Then, Mert left the café as well.
When asked why Handa left, Mert said that she was going to a different place than him, so she left early.

Mystery surrounds their relationship:

There was no comment from Hande or Mert about the incident.
Mystery surrounds the reason for Handa’s sudden departure from the café.
This incident raises questions about the nature of their relationship and the extent of its stability.

Hande Dogandemir Ex boyfriend
Hande Dogandemir Ex boyfriend
Hande Dogandemir
Hande Dogandemir
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Hande Dogandemir
Hande Dogandemir