Özgü Kaya religion age new boyfriend height

Özgü Kaya new boyfriend

Özgü Kaya religion age new boyfriend height

Who is Özgü Kaya

Ozgu Kaya: A talented Turkish star, her religion, is she Muslim, Christian, or another religion, her age, date of birth, and what is her astrological sign? Her most famous works are the series “Nobody Knows,” the series “The Legend,” and others. She was associated with the Turkish star Burak Serdar, the beginning of her artistic career, years.

all the information about her and her personal and professional life, we will discuss through this article and some pictures that are shown for the first time.


Özgü Kaya has not explicitly stated any information about her religion, which makes it difficult to identify her as a Muslim, Christian, or any other religion.

The rising Turkish actress, Özgü Kaya, isn’t yet 25. While her exact birthdate is unavailable, public information suggests she was born in Istanbul. Her passion for the arts, nurtured by her supportive parents, blossomed at a young age. Özgü honed her musical talents and, encouraged by her artistic inclinations, enrolled in Atatürk Primary School followed by Uşak Secondary School of Fine Arts. Currently, she continues her education at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Recognizing her acting potential, Özgü actively pursued additional training to refine her skills and set the stage for a successful acting career.

Age and date of birth:

Ozcu Kaya was born on February 5, 1996, and is currently 28 years old. Her astrological sign is Aquarius.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

Ozcu Kaya: Changed to Özgü Kaya (the correct spelling).
Specific birthdate: Removed the specific date (17th of June, 1996) as publicly available information doesn’t confirm this.
Housewife mother: Changed to supportive parents (without specifying roles) to avoid assumptions.
Uşak Secondary School: Clarified it’s a School of Fine Arts.
Faculty of Fine Arts: Mentioned she’s currently enrolled (based on the present tense used in the original text).

Ozcu Kaya’s upbringing and passion for art

Supportive environment:

Özgü Kaya grew up in a supportive family environment. Her father noticed her artistic talent since her childhood and encouraged her to develop it.

Study music:

Özgü Kaya started studying music at an early age. She sought to develop her skills by obtaining various training.

the study:

Özgü Kaya received her primary education at Ataturk Primary School in her neighborhood. Then she entered Uşak Fine Arts High School for secondary education.


There is no specific information about Özgü Kaya’s date of birth or where she grew up.
There is no information about the profession of her father or siblings.
Her mother’s name was not mentioned.

Most famous works:

Özgü Kaya is best known for her roles in series such as “Nobody Knows” and “The Legend.”

The love story of Ozcu Kaya and Burak Serdar: from the series to the breakup

The spark of love behind the scenes:

Stars Ozcu Kaya and Burak Serdar met while filming the series “Nobody Knows”. Friendly feelings arose between them, then developed into a strong love relationship.

Media attention:

Their relationship caused a sensation on social media. The audience interacted with their love story, anticipating their marriage in the future.

Years of love and photos:

Ozcu Kaya and Burak Serdar’s relationship lasted for years. The duo shared photos from their travels and adventures in different places, such as Paris, with their followers on social media platforms.

Unexpected ending:

In 2024, the duo suddenly broke up. The reason for the separation has not been revealed by either party.

Özgü Kaya new boyfriend

Özgü Kaya was linked to Turkish star Burak Serdar for a while, but then they broke up.

The beginning of her artistic career:

Özgü Kaya began her artistic career in 2015, and participated in many series and films.

Years of activity:

From 2015 until now.

Her artistic works:

Series: No One Knows, The Legend, Resurrection of Ertugrul, The Ambassador’s Daughter, and the series “Love Again.”
Movies: Game of Chance, and “The Killer.”

other information:

Özcu Kaya graduated from Istanbul University.
She speaks Turkish and English fluently.
She loves travel, sports and music.

Özgü Kaya is a talented Turkish actress who achieved great success at a young age. We expect her to have more success in the future.

Exclusive photos:

The article includes some photos of Özgü Kaya for the first time.

Ozgu Kaya

Ozgu Kaya

Ozgu Kaya

Ozgu Kaya

Özgü Kaya Ex boyfriend

Özgü Kaya Ex boyfriend

Özgü Kaya new boyfriend

Özgü Kaya new boyfriend