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What is the religion of Efekan Can?

The Turkish actor, who is rapidly rising to stardom, “Efekan Can”, is one of the actors who carry great artistic energy within them.
Efekan Can captivated the viewer with all his talent, handsomeness and role-playing abilities.

  so To know the wonderful star strongly in the following article.

Our star is Murat Hasamaç in Yaz Sarkisi, and Metehan Demirkiran in Hakim, and also he is Tugrul in The Teacher.

All these roles and reincarnations came out of one actor. It made him get the most star-studded actor this summer 2023, according to the results of the Gençlere Sorduk poll.

We start with the personal data of this star:

  1. Date of birth: February 2, 1994
  2. Place of birth: Türkiye – Nationality: Turkish
  3. Efekan Can’s religion: Islam.
  4. His astrological sign: Aquarius
  5. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  6. Height: 1.79 cm, weight: 70 kg, hair color: brown, and eye color: brown.
  7. The beginning of his artistic career: 2017 – until now
  8. Favorite Hobbies: Playing sports

Who is Efekan Can girlfriend?

All fans of the Turkish actor are always looking for a girlfriend, Efekan Can. because this great curiosity of his followers is very natural.

But he made us search a lot about that information in order to satisfy his followers.

Before knowing who is Efekan Can’s girlfriend, let’s get to know Efekan Can in detail.

He was born in 1994 in Turkey. His family is a Turkish family who immigrated to live in Belgium.

Efekan graduated from Bilecik University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

, then completed his master’s degree at Istanbul University, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Efekan moved to Istanbul to train in acting at the Atölye Craft acting workshop.

One of his biggest hobbies is practicing music, playing the guitar and the piano.

In addition to playing sports such as wrestling, volleyball and basketball. He is also one of his favorite animals, such as cats and dogs.

He raises a number of dogs and cats in his house. Where he always publishes pictures of him that we collect with his close pet.

Efekan Can’s lover is a girl from outside the artistic community, as he is not married. But he loves that girl very much and is thinking of formal engagement with her in the future.

For the record, Efekan Can’s religion: Islam.

Efekan Can
Efekan Can

Series Efekan Can

Efekan started acting in 2018 with a mini-series called “Tam Kafadan” starring Ali Bicim and Mesut Can Tomay.

But he shined more through the role of “Young Serhan” in the series “Ufak Tefek Cinayetler”, a drama, crime and action.

Starring Gökçe Bahadir, Aslihan Gürbüz, Mert Firat and Yildiray Sahinler.

In 2019, he joined the cast of the series “Aziz”, starring Bugra Gülsoy and Hande Erçel. to play Kuzey Alpan.

One of the most famous roles played by Efekan Can in the TV drama series “The Teacher”, where he played the character “Tugrul”, as it was one of the most important series in his history since he started acting.

Ögretmen is one of the most famous and successful Turkish drama series in recent years, and it is based on the story of a Japanese series.

Efekan Can in the TV drama series The Teacher
Efekan Can in the TV drama series The Teacher

The series “the teacher” co-stars are Ilker Kaleli, Afra Saraçoglu, Ceren Moray, Mert Ramazan Demir, Can Bartu Aslan and Hasan Sahinturk.

He won the title of “The Institute” series, which is a new Turkish series, whose first episodes will be shown in June 2021, and starring a large number of young artists.

The new Efekan Can series

The expected efekan series is “Kolej”, a drama starring “Nilsu Berfin Aktas, Efekan Can, Ali Aydin Erduran and Ahmet Senkaya”.

Burak Tozkoparan, Nilsu Yilmaz and Cansu Öztekin, produced by Efe Irvül and Yasar Irvül, directed by Doga Can Anafarta, also joined the cast.

The latest efekan series is Yaz Sarkisi, which revolves around Liaz, who moves to Istanbul to fulfill the dreams of her deceased father. To meet two friends and endanger their friendship.

The latest efekan series is Yaz Sarkisi
The latest efekan series is Yaz Sarkisi