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Who is Asli Bekiroglu?

She is a Turkish actress. Here are more details about “Asli Bekiroglu,” who she is, what her religion is, her date of birth, her family, and the religion of her family and lover. Who is Asli Bekeroglu’s friend? Is he an actor like her? You will find many questions about it in this article.

She is one of the Turkish actresses who achieved great fame in a short time. Asli Bekeroglu attracted the attention of directors and producers from the first work she participated in. She made the viewer feel and sympathize with her since her first appearance.

Information about Asli Bekeroglu, her religion, date of birth, and family

Asli Bekiroglu is one of the strong actresses. She makes you focus with her, lifts you off the ground with her acting, and then forces you as a viewer to believe what she presents to her. This is what made her a beloved and sought-after artist.

Asli Beykoğlu was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and her date of birth is November 13, 1995. Her age in 2023 is 28 years.

Asli Bekiroglu’s religion is Islam by birth, as her entire family belongs to the Islamic religion. Since she was born in a warm family atmosphere full of love and inclusion, she did not live in family separation, on the contrary.

What is her relationship with her family like? The family in Asli Bekeroglu’s life made her a fair girl and a much-loved child. This is clear from the pictures she constantly posts of herself. Then she said in one of the television programs that her relationship with her family is a very special relationship. She adores her parents and can never stay away from them.

Asli Bekiroglu’s religion is Muslim, but she is a very liberal girl who loves traveling, shopping, and living without laws or accounts. She travels to have fun with her lover and friends, and then makes her life a beautiful and simple life without extravagance.

small Asli Bekiroglu
small Asli Bekiroglu

Asli Bekiroglu’s personal life and boyfriend

“Asli” is one of the actresses who is very secretive about her personal life, especially after the many rumors that the actor receives due to his roles in romantic dramas. After every role she has with a male couple, rumors emerge confirming the existence of a relationship between them. But there is no closeness between her and any actor or man within the artistic community.

This continued until Isli Bekir, her religion, published a picture of herself with a young man from outside the artistic community. That picture was very funny of them together, and she said that he was her close friend, but there were not many details about her lover.

For your information, in recent years, obscene photos of the famous actress Asli Bekiroglu and her lover, DJ Can Koçkan, have been revealed. Asli Bekiroglu, who was going through difficult times, broke up with Can Koçkan. Asli Bekiroglu, who had a love affair with Cagre Telkeveran, did not find happiness in this relationship either.

Asli Bekiroglu boyfriend
Asli Bekiroglu boyfriend

The most important films and series of Asli Bekiroglu

Asli Beykoğlu began acting through a television series called “Love Me Like This” in 2013, and it continued for one year. The story of Asim and Omar, who believe that they will be able to take responsibility for their dreams, their love and each other, and will face difficulties together, instead of the temporary relationships they will live for the sake of their daily enthusiasm in their youth.

In 2015, she co-starred in the series “His Name is Happiness”, starring Can Yildirim, Ezgi Eyupoglu, Dilara Aksuk and Ceyhun Menciroglu. Her first work in cinema was in 2016 when she participated in the film Instead of Both of Us.
One of the most important series in which Aslı Bekıroğlu participated was the series Just Smile, which was shown from 2016 to 2017.

At the beginning of 2018, she participated in the role of Batoul in the series “Share Dudulu.” The story of the series was very comedic and entertaining, about ordinary and extraordinary characters, in a comedic, plot-driven way that narrates the story.

Other works in Asli Bekiroglu’s journey

Among the series that actress Asli Bakir joined was the series “Jet Group,” which began in 2018 and ended in 2020. It is a family comedy series.

Then she participated in the series “My Sweet Lie”, and her first starring role was in 2019, with Furkan Billy and Lavinia Unleur co-starring with her, to begin her real artistic career after the starring role in the series “My Sweet Lie”. Let us mention one of her most important main roles as the role of Zainab in the series “Yeti”. Zainab and Bahar’s role in the wonderful drama “My Love Bahar” in 2021.

And a master in the TV series “There Are These There,” and his last works in which she played the main role were the movie Bandirma Missile Club in 2022, and the movie Bridesmaid Forever.