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Information about Sitare Akbaş

Who is the Turkish actress sitare akbaş who rose to the skies of stardom and fame with strength and speed? Let’s get to know the story of her life and childhood, her date of birth, her religion, her family, and let’s live together inside her personal life for a little bit. Who is her lover? We will also introduce you to her acting career from the beginning until her latest work.

In detail, who is sitare akbaş?

She is one of the stars of Turkish society in acting, and she also has a great relationship with social media. She began acting through television dramas and then delved into working in films, to be one of the most important actresses in Turkish art.

sitare akbaş  She was born in Istanbul, her date of birth is October 6, 1988. She lived with her family in Istanbul, and because of her love for acting and her passion that increases every day, she decided to study it more at university. This is what she did as she studied theater at the Government Music Institute, and graduated from it to begin her acting career.

sitare akbaş her religion

What is the religion of the actress “Sitare Akbaş”? Is she one of the actresses who has a religious belief? sitare akbaş  belongs to a family that is Muslim by birth, but they do not live this belief very much, meaning our powerful star is Muslim by birth and nothing more.

Sitare Akbaş received positive reviews from critics and viewers. Many considered her a talented and promising actress with a promising future in acting.

Sitare Akbaş as an artist

Sitare Akbaş is a talented and young actress with great potential. She is good at portraying different characters and has a strong screen presence. She also has a talent for dancing and singing, which made him an attractive character for viewers.

Who is sitare akbaş’ boyfriend?

Every famous personality has fans everywhere around the world, and the most searched question on social media is, who is the actor’s close lover?

sitare akbaş
sitare akbaş

Sitare Akbas series

“Sitare” made her debut on television through the series “Urfaliyam Ezelden” in 2014 in which she played the role of the girl “Kevser (as Makbule Akbas)” starring Bülent Inal, Öykü Gürman, Dolunay Soysert, Settar Tanriögen and Menderes Samancilar.

In 2015, she played the character of Aysal in the series “Analar ve Anneler”. Its story revolves around a Turkish drama about young mothers. The mother gives birth to one child and raises another in love… and after years, who does the child belong to?, starring Sinem Kobal, Hazar Ergüçlü, Okan Yalabik, Metin Akdülger and Ulas. Tuna Astepe.

At the beginning of 2016, she moved to play the lead role in the drama series “Istanbul Sokaklari, or the Streets of Istanbul,” co-starring with Gizem Karaca, Caner Cindoruk, Riza Kocaoglu, Naz Elmas, and Berkay Ates.

Her movies

She is considered one of the stars who performed many works in cinema, starting with the movie Ada in the role of Ada in 2015, and the movie Alone Tomorrow in 2017 and in the same year Firat Cavas in Doga Icin Cal 8 – Hayde (2017).

She took a three-year absence from cinema and television and returned in 2020 in the film Ben Bir Denizim to play the character Nisan.

One of her most famous works

Sitare’s most important television work is the series “Sen Çal Kapimi”, where she played the character “Figen Yildirim”, starring a large group of Turkish art stars, including Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin, Evrim Dogan, and Anil Ilter, and her role in the series Ramo in 2021 in the role of Dilber.

She continued to present wonderful films, such as the short film Tunnel in 2021, the film Tek Yürek Imalat-i Harbiye, the film Istanbul Trilogy: Music, and also the wonderful dramatic film Zübeyde, Analar ve Ogullar, all three in one year 2023.