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Tayanc Ayaydin, who presented many wonderful roles that he presented to the Turkish TV screens. The name Tayanc Ayaydin has always been associated with distinguished young roles and a strong personality.

Personal information about him, his name, religion, date of birth, education. The beginning of his acting career. His artwork, awards won, and more in a detailed report on Tayanc Ayaydin.

Who is Tayanc Ayaydin?

Date of Birth Tayanc Ayaydin: 7-8-1979. Age: 41. Place of birth: Istanbul. His zodiac sign is Leo. Nationality: Turkish. Tayanc Ayaydin’s religion is Muslim.

Academic qualifications: Mimar Sinan University. His studies were in the Department of Performing Arts. Is Tayanc Ayaydin Married? Yes Married. His wife’s name is Baloch Kebok.

His religion, date of birth, and childhood

Turkish actor Tayank Aydin was born in 1979 in Istanbul, Turkey. This famous artist presented a variety of Turkish works that made him famous in the entire Arab world.

He has talent since childhood. And he has a permanent presence when presenting dramas.

With the participation of many great Turkish stars in famous works dubbed in the Syrian dialect. It was shown on television in Turkey and the Arab world as a whole.

The artist, Tayank Ayadin, was keen to present a greater number of television works to the beloved audience.

Tayanc Ayaydın
Tayanc Ayaydın

Tayanc Ayaydin’s study

Verification is the famous Turkish artist in high school, then he completed his studies at Mimar Sinan University for theatre. Always keen to learn theater arts and TV series.

In addition to his talent, which he grew up with. Therefore, he always sought to develop this talent through the works he presented for television. But acting didn’t stop him.

about his educational career. He always attended all educational lessons in the private university to learn the art of theater in order to study properly.

Tayanc Ayaydin started acting

The actor Tayank Aydin. Turkish actor. He attended the University of Theater to study all about theatrical art.

Then he worked in postgraduate studies, and his debut was on television in 2004. He presented a group of commercials that made him one of the promising young faces.

Then he moved on to present artwork with the participation of major Turkish stars. The beginning of the artist Tayank Aydin is a bright start.

Where he did a series of works and series in just one year. This is evidence of his great talent, which made him receive a large number of awards.Tayanc Ayaydın series

Tayanc Ayaydın started acting in 2004 with his first appearance on Turkish TV.

He presented a series of dramas within one year, for which he won several film awards. Due to the excellence of the works, and he continues to present his artwork in a wonderful way.

The wide popularity of these works made him an old audience who always watched his works, which won the admiration of many audiences.

In addition to the admiration of the top Turkish actors who are looking for promising young faces. It is fortunate for the famous Turkish artist, Tayank Ayyidin, so that he encountered a group of works with major stars in one year. Which made him famous with lightning speed.

Tayanc Ayaydın’s wife

He married. the famous Turkish artist Tayank Ayyidin. However, he did not mention in any press reports or television programs the name of his wife.

He always prefers to keep secrets in his personal life. He always displays his pictures on social networking sites alone, and does not want his wife or children to appear on social networking sites, and believes that it is best for any artist to separate his personal life from his artistic life. In order to avoid any problems.

so that his personal affairs do not become the talk of television or newspaper articles. This always bothers any artist. Therefore, the famous Turkish artist, Tayank Ayyidin, avoids him.

Tayanc Ayaydın's Wife
Tayanc Ayaydın’s Wife

List of Tayanc Ayaydın Series

Tayanc Ayaydın made a collection of artworks that made him widely famous. And he played many starring roles in these works. Especially the TV series that were shown on all the screens of the Arab world.

Which made him one of the best young faces during one year of acting. These businesses are:

The TV series “Secretariat” was shown in 2016.
TV series “Song of Life”. introduced in 2016.
The TV series “Zaytoun” was shown in 2014. “Red Love” was presented in 2013 “Memories” premiered in 2019, and was shown on TV screens until 2013.

The series “Lashra” 2009.
The TV series “Where are you from love” was presented in 2009.”The Market” was introduced in 2007.
TV series “Link”. which he introduced in 2006.
TV series “Alia”. which he introduced in 2004.
The famous Turkish series “Night Walk”. Introduced in 2004.

Awards received by Tayanc Ayaydın

Tayanc Ayaydın has won many awards for his artwork, which he presented on Turkish television and the entire Arab world. These awards include:

He won the Best Actor Award at the 2008 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
He won the Best Actor Award from the Locarno Film Festival in 2008. For his outstanding role in the series The Market and the TV series Trade Tale.

Tayanc Ayaydın Instagram Facebook Twitter

Tayanc Ayaydın has a number of personal accounts on social media. He is always keen to deal with the public through these accounts that he manages himself.

And he puts all his personal photos on it. His technical news. His dramas that he did before, and the new works that he does, and these accounts are:

The personal account of the artist Tayanc Ayaydın on the social networking site Facebook.
The personal account of the artist, Tayank Ayadin, on the social networking site, Instagram.

Tayanc Ayaydın
Tayanc Ayaydın