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Sumeyye Aydogan

an actress who has great spirit and presence. She has the ability to present multiple colors of roles. Despite Sumeyye Aydogan’s artistic debut, she played many different characters, including the evil, the kind, and the sweetheart. And she succeeded in each of those roles. Let’s get to know the Turkish actress Sumeyye Aydogan, what is her religion. Her childhood, date of birth and age. Her family and does she have a sister. Its beginning and the most important series in which it participated. The new Sumeyye Aydogan series.

religion sumeyye aydogan Height and Weight

Sumeyye Aydogan is an actress born in Istanbul. Her religion is Muslim. Sumeyye Aydogan is a Muslim by birth. Where we made sure that she belongs to a Muslim family of father, mother and brothers. Her height is 167 cm.

It weighs less than 45 kg. As she goes on a strict diet to maintain her ideal weight. In addition to her love for sports, which she does regularly. Despite her slim weight, her face is very perfect and does not show the features of thinness or dullness, like the face of a girl who is on a strict diet.

The Actress Sumeyye Aydogan

sumeyye aydogan her childhood

Sumeyye was born in January 1997. Her age in 2023 will be 26 years old. Sumeyye’s religion is Islam. Her astrological sign is Capricorn. The real hair color is dark hazel. Sumeyye Aydogan studied at Istanbul Bilgi University. After her graduation, she began training in acting in acting workshops led by (Tuncay Altun), who presented her in her first work through a Turkish film called Sumi Eidan. Which was the reason for her fame and entry into the world of television drama.

Although the number of her works is not many, she has proven that she is a successful actress and has talent. And soon she caught the attention of the public and her directors. Since her first acting experience, this has been a major reason for her success. In a short time, the number of her followers on Instagram has become more than a million. She has a natural beauty, attractiveness, physique, and proportional body that always makes her look beautiful and younger.

pic of Sumeyye Aydogan’s Father

Sumeyye Aydogan and her sister

Our beautiful rising star Sumeyye Aydogan has been living with her family for a long time. She has one sister. She has a great relationship with her, and she is also very attached to her mother, who was her main supporter.

her boyfriend

Does Sumeyye Aydogan have a boyfriend? The question that has always been asked by her fans who follow her. Who is Sumeyye Aydogan’s boyfriend? Our beautiful star posted a photo of herself cuddling with a tall, handsome guy Utku Coşkun. It appears that he is the lover of Sumeyye Aydogan.

sumeyye aydogan series

Sumeyye Aydogan made her acting debut in 2021 with the role of Oya in the movie Last Summer. Stars Fatih Berk Sahin, Ece Çesmioglu, Halit Özgür Sari, Aslihan Malbora and Eray Ertüren participated in the tournament.

Her first TV series role was in 2021 through the character Menekse in the most amazing series Kirmizi Kamyon. Starring Görkem Sevindik, Nilay Deniz, Ushan Çakir, Fatih Al, Deniz Sen Hamzaoglu, Tugce Altug, Asli Orcan and Ebrar Alya Demirbilek.

One of her most important roles is the character of Melissa in the series Duy Beni Sumeyye Aydogan participated in the series Duy Beni and played the character of a high school girl named Melissa. The Turkish series Duy Beni was shown on Turkish screens. And this youth work succeeded a lot. Spring Sweetwork Championship. Janir Topçu – Durol Bazin – Murat Daltaban – Helen Candemir – Burak Can – Soumya Aydoğan – Ferid Cetin – Aytak Osun – Albert Atak – Pedia Ener – Hamdi Alp – Otko Coskun – Koha Bura Elk – Yasmine Birch – Lilys Akay – Semri Ozman Sumpul – Ibrahim Yildiz – Egy Kokanli.

The new Sumeyye Aydogan series

Our star won the series Taçsiz Prenses. She played Yagmur Elem, a young girl who has a strange disease, sudden syncope. To meet a poor girl and try to help her. And she falls in love with that child’s teacher. But her mother stands in the way of her love. The series was shown in 2023, and it gained a strong viewership.

Her latest series is Dönence, directed by Kerem Çakiroglu and written by Nuray Uslu. Starring Atakan Hosgören, Didem Inselel, Doga Karakas, Can Kiziltug, Caner Topcu and Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi. Dönence series, produced by Gokhan Yildiz, music by Mustafa Güzel and Jingletv.

the actress Sumeyye Aydogan
the actress Sumeyye Aydogan
Sumeyye Aydogans father
Sumeyye Aydogans father