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Ozge Yagiz husband religion

A young star whose star shines in the sky of Turkish art. Her upbringing: Ozge Yagiz was born in 1997 in the Turkish city of Istanbul.
Her religion is Muslim
She grew up in a simple family. Her father worked as a taxi driver and her mother was a housewife. Ozge faced difficulties in her childhood due to lack of financial means. Ozge studied in the Theater Department at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts.

Ozge Yagiz is a young Turkish actress, born in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a younger sister. She graduated from Başkent University at the Academy of Communication Sciences, and underwent several training courses in the field of acting.

In 2018, Özge Yagiz began her artistic career with her first appearance on screen in a small secondary role in the Turkish series “Adını Sen Koy” in the third season, where she portrayed the character “Zeliha”. Although this was her first acting experience and her first appearance in front of the camera, she managed to attract attention thanks to her great artistic talent and natural beauty.

her new boyfriend, Burak Berkay

The love story of Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci: A strong emotional relationship: Turkish actress Ozge Yagiz lives a special love story with actor Gokberk Demirci. Their relationship began in 2019, and is known for its strength and interdependence. It ended in 2024, when she began a new relationship with the actor, the hero of the Sapphire series, Burak Berkay.

Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci

Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci met while working on a series together. They would often meet during breaks between filming, as their shooting locations coincided. Their relationship started as a friendship, but over time, Demirci began to express his admiration for Yagiz’s beauty and personality through comments on her social media photos.

Ozge Yagiz and her husband

Ozge Yagiz, the Turkish artist, is not married, but she has been living a great love story and emotional relationship with the Turkish artist Gokberk Demirci since 2019. In July 2021, the duo announced their engagement, and so far the wedding date has not been set.

In July 2021, artist Gokberk Demirci announced his official engagement to Ozge Yagiz via an Instagram post, making their relationship even more official. So far, no date has been set for the wedding. The duo is distinguished by their mutual support for each other in their artistic career, as Gokberk attends Özge’s theatrical performances to support her, while Özge shows her support for Gokberk’s work in the art world.

The love story of Gokberk Demirci, the Turkish actor, began in the world of fashion, where he was a fashion model for several companies and a model for a famous Italian photographer. In 2012, he decided to move into the field of acting, where he participated in a series that deals with the story of the Ottoman Empire. At the time, Demirji was single, but became romantically involved with Russian model Polina Shpirnova. Unfortunately, their relationship ended two years ago.

Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci ended their relationship

Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci announced their separation after several years of romantic relationship. Some claimed that the reason for the breakup was the intense work pressure the duo faced, which made it difficult to make time for each other.

Friends and those close to them are still hopeful that they will get back together, as some believe that their feelings are still there and that the breakup may be temporary.

Her series

Ozge Yagiz began her artistic career in 2015 with a small role in the series “Love for Rent,” but achieved widespread fame in 2017 through her role in the series “Love for Rent.” She continued her successful roles in many series, such as “Ertugul,” “The Resurrection of Osman Series,” and “Mr. Wrong Series.”

She then got a leading and heroic role in a series called “Yameen,” which was her first absolute starring role in dramas, where she played the character “Rayhan.” The series was shown in 2019 on the Turkish Star TV channel, and achieved great success in Turkey and in the Arab world after it was dubbed into Arabic.

Yagiz continued to perform in heroic roles, as she participated in the series “Sol Yanım”, and gave a distinguished performance alongside Tolga Mendi, Cemre Baysil, and Kansel Elçin. She also participated in another successful historical series in the same year, “Malhun Hatun,” where she played the character of Osman I’s wife.

Ozge Yagiz
Ozge Yagiz
Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci
Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci
Ozge Yagiz husband
Ozge Yagiz husband