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Sila Turkoglu Movies

Sıla Türkoğlu started acting in drama in 2018. But her work was in TV dramas only. Our star did not present any cinematic work or films until 2023. As she was interested in her roles that she plays on television. she tries to build her fan base through those roles that she played.

series Sıla Türkoğlu

Sıla first appeared on television with the series Aglama Anne. To start her role with the third episode of the series. The story of the series was very wonderful, as it revolves around Elif, the girl who became pregnant with a girl in a fleeting night of love.

But she doesn’t want it and wants to get rid of it. But her sister clung to the little girl and took her to raise her with her father, who rejected her real mother.

The life of that family turns with the appearance of that child’s father and her real motherShe shone more after getting the role of Suna in Yemin series.

Starring Gokberk Demirci, Can Verel, Esra Çoban, and
Gül Arcan, Derya Kurtulus, Yagmur Sahbazova, Gozde Gunduzlu, Ceyda Olguner, and Cansin Mina Gür. His story was about a beautiful girl named Rayhan, who was born Rayhan in the countryside. She is a modest, young, and beautiful girl who was raised in a traditional way. Reyhan remains an orphan after her mother’s death, and her life changes unexpectedly.

Doga in Cranberry Sorbet

Among the most important roles played by actress Sıla Türkoğlu and the role of Doga in the series Cranberry Sorbet. she played a wonderful role in a series with a large viewership.
He talks about the intellectual differences between two families. A religious family and a liberal family. So that Doga, who has a liberal and open mind, will marry Fatih, who has customs and traditions. Differences and problems begin to appear with time. When Fatih falls into the trap of betrayal, Doga gets to know her and decides to separate from him.

Sila Turkoglu & Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan

There was a rumor that Sıla Türkoğlu was associated with many actors with whom she shared works. Beginning with the actor “Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan”, after they co-starred in the series Emanet. But that was just a rumour. Especially since her role ended before the end of the work and she separated from the series.