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Bertan Aslani series

In addition to his musical talent, Bertan Aslani discovered his talent in the field of acting. He participated in several successful Turkish series and performed various roles that show the extent of his smooth transition between the fields of musical art and acting. He managed to achieve great popularity as a talented young actor.

Despite his young age, bertan aslani was able to achieve many rapid successes and establish himself as one of the most prominent rising stars in the art world. He attributes his success to his unique talent and diligence in developing his skills.

In conclusion, bertan aslani is a great example of talented young people who are pursuing their dreams in the world of art. With his many talents and solid determination, more successes and bright achievements can be expected from this rising artist in the future.

he participated in many works, including Pis Yedili in 2011, Göç Zamani in 2016, and Scorpio in 2020 until 2021. And the series Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey in 2021 until 2022, and his strong role in Etkileyici and Gecenin Ucunda, which lasted from 2022 until 2023. To present his most famous roles and the strongest in terms of viewership as well as Yabani.

We note that he participated in the film Atatürk 1881 – 1919, which was shown in 2023.

Working with music

Bertan Aslani shined as a singer and musician through his wonderful performances in various songs and melodies. His musical career began through his participation in many television music programs, where he was able to prove his exceptional talent and attract the attention of the jury and the audience. His songs were characterized by emotional lyrics and distinguished performances, which made him achieve wide fame in the world of art.

Alaz Soysalan in Yabani

One of Alaz Soysalan’s most recent works is the series Yabani. Which caused him great fame. In it, he played the character of the rich, spoiled young man, Alaz Soysalan. The arrogant man whose big brother was kidnapped when he was young. He appears years later, gets to know him, and quarrels with him, creating a lot of grudges between them.

He and his brother Yaman never get along. Alaz always feels that Yaman took his mother’s love, time and thoughts because of his kidnapping. But Yaman tries hard to get close to him because he is his little brother. But the jealousy between Alaz and Yaman will not end with knowing that he is his brother. Especially after Alaz’s girlfriend moved away from him and became close to Yaman’s sister.