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Lizge Comert  Exclusive information and photos

Lizge Cömert is a young Turkish actress, the star of the series “Kardeşlerim”, in which she participated from the first part until the last. And he made her a famous Turkish star despite her young age. Here is a full report about her, her religion, her family, and who she is. Her origin and personal relationship: Does she have a lover? Or is she really in a relationship with her partner in the Kardeşlerim series?

Who is Lizge Comert?

She is the star of the series Kardeşlerim, who played the role of Süsen, the rich girl who lives most of the time alone, and falls in love with her poor colleague Ömer over time. This series becomes one of the most important reasons for increasing her audience and knowing her more.

“Lizge Comert” was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Her date of birth is October 4, 2001. She is now 22 years old. Although she is older than a high school girl, she was very creative in presenting this role.

Although it was her first role, the role did not take her back. Rather, it would be the work that raised her many levels in just three or four years.

What is Lizge Comert’s religion?

Many people ask about Lizge Comert’s religion: What is it? Especially since she is a very free girl, she loves clothing, freedom, and private life. It is difficult to research much about her religion, and what her and her family’s religious beliefs are.

“Lizge Comert” was born from a Muslim family by birth in Istanbul, meaning she is also Muslim by birth, not Christian. Although this is very difficult to discover, because they never talk about their religious life.

Who is Lizge Comert’s boyfriend?

The personal life of any well-known personality is a closed book, especially since their lives as actors force them to live fictitious stories with their work partner. Her first work was through the series Kardeşlerim. She was the partner of the Turkish actor “Yigit Kocak” and there was a love story between them in the series.

The duo began to get closer as the series continued, until they started going out together and appearing in shops and restaurants. Rather, he took pictures of them together and posted those pictures on social media sites for the two of them.

It appears that each of them has a strong friendship with each other, and this continued for two years until the news of a love relationship between Yigit Kocak and “Lizge Comert” spread. We hope that their relationship will be complete and not interrupted by the end of their series together.

Lizge Comert's boyfriend
Lizge Comert’s boyfriend

tv shows

“Lizge” began working in acting after she received a lot of training in it, as Lizge loved acting very much since her childhood, which made her look for any opportunity to enter this world.

After completing her studies, she joined an acting workshop to study acting, speaking, and standing in front of cameras. After that, she joined an advertising and acting agency. To take the opportunity of her life to act with a large group of well-known adult actors.

Susen in the series Brothers – Kardeşlerim

Lezgi was able to get a great opportunity to join the team of the series “Brothers – Kardeşlerim” to play the character of Susen.

The role of Susen is that of a rich girl, but her family is separated from her and lives in another place far away from her. She lives alone in a big house. Suddenly, events occur that change Susen’s weak personality to a strong girl, when an accident occurs while she is with her friend in which she kills the brother of their friend at university, and her life changes after that.

Lizge Comert
Lizge Comert