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ilayda alişan, the heroine of The Pit series, is a Turkish actress known for many roles. She became a great actress with time. The audience loved her and had a huge fan base that qualified her to become a star. Here is a lot of information and pictures of it. New and old. And in her series. And he is young. Pictures of her special moments.

ilayda alisan is the story of her young life

A young rising actress ilayda alişan was born in Istanbul. Her birthdate is January 1, 1996. She had a lot of followers in a short time. Her love for acting since her childhood. Dreams of fame and great ambition.

After completing her studies at Bahjat Kamal Shaalan High School. She started looking for an opportunity to enter the world of art and acting. This journey started in 2011 AD. It is 1.58 meters tall and weighs 48 kilograms.

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Her astrological sign is Capricorn. It is also characterized by many characteristics that distinguish it from others. She is very hardworking. I wouldn’t say ambitious. But the exact description aspires. She sees that her means to achieve her goals is effort or effort. You hate failure so much and use only one way to succeed. It is effort and making More effort. Which makes her feel aggrieved as she measures up
Everything with effort.

very sentimental. So she is touched by sweet words. But because of her skeptical nature. She suspected speaking after a short while. And the solution is the sweetest words. Swears and constantly confirms your sincerity. He can be affected by emotions, which is the shortest path. As for persuasion. It is an endless road. Even if she finally shows you her conviction. She will run out of her brain! But if it affected her emotionally.

Ilayda Alişan As A Child
Ilayda Alişan As A Child

You will often get what you want. The personality of the Capricorn woman is one of the personalities that she likes to look at everything so that she has information and a general idea about all the things around her. She also loves to work very much.

Series ilayda alisan

She made her acting debut in 2011 with the TV series I Love a Girl. Co-starring famous actor Bulent Inal. Kolkan Arslan and Hakan Kurtas. It was dubbed into Arabic and presented in the Arab world. first time on
Date January 26th. The series revolves around: Min (Minnie), the youngest loving family on one of the islands of Istanbul. who lives in the midst of a middle-class neighborhood.

As for Sinan. He is the only son of one of the richest families. And he’s used to it she gets everything he wants. They both had a stormy love. Despite the different class of their families and the social circumstances of each of them. He promised each of them that he would not separate and would spend their lives together.

Her second appearance was in the series My Name is Gulteb. The story takes place in the 1980s. It tells about a neighborhood called Izmir Ciltepe. There are 3 friends in this neighborhood. Saifi Fawzi Ali Gul will face difficulties in this neighborhood and heroine. She has a son, Ali Gul, and her husband is in prison. So she tries to start finding money for her son. She is in a relationship with Khalil and Mitty character in this
The neighborhood is known for its prestige and respectability.

Ilayda Alişan
Ilayda Alişan