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Hafsanur Sancaktutan is a Turkish actress with special talents

A beautiful natural beauty. No one saw her, and her beauty and great presence drew his attention.

Look at her innocent face. And her graceful body, and her powerful presence.

her wonderful talent. All those things inside the star Hafsanur Sancaktutan that we didn’t star in a moment.

Let’s get to know more about her life. her childhood, her family’s religion.

who her boyfriend is, her love stories, and her personal life.

How did she get started in acting and what are the Hafsanur Sancaktutan series and her series, which is expected to be shown soon.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan’s Religion Childhood and Family

Our star is an alluring natural beauty. Hafsanur Sancaktutan was born in Istanbul but her roots go back to Laz from Rize.

Where our star said that her family immigrated from Batumi Adjara to Istanbul. To start a new life for her and her family there.

Our child star was a lover of artistic work and acting, as her dream since her childhood was to become an actress.

She has participated in a number of theatrical productions in the school.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan
Hafsanur Sancaktutan

Hafsanur Sancaktutan Her religion is Islam. They knew that she belonged to a Muslim family by birth.

Despite her boldness and bold clothes, she cares a lot about her religion and the ceremonies of the religion to which she belongs.

Who is Hafsanur Sancaktutan boyfriend? Hafsa Nour was in a relationship with the Turkish actor “Deniz Can Aktaş“, who co-starred with her in the series “Ask Aglatir”.

Their relationship lasted for a while until they got away from each other.

As for now, there is no confirmed information about the love relationship between the two, or is there another new person in her life.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan boyfriend
Hafsanur Sancaktutan boyfriend

The story began when the duo got to know each other through one of the series, and a strong love story arose between them. She appeared on screens a lot.

That story continues until 2022. Hafsanur and Deniz Can Aktaş have become two sought-after stars together on screens constantly.

the followers’ favorite duo began publishing pictures of them together, the last of which was in the city of Cappadocia by the sea. I have written “Hafsanur” wish it never ends.

Her beginning as an actress

The beautiful “Hafsanur Sancaktutan” began acting in 2018 when she participated in a minor role in the series “Gülperi”, which was shown until 2019.

The series starred big stars such as Nurgül Yesilçay, Timuçin Esen, Ece Sükan, Burak Dakak and Aleyna Özgeçen.

His story was wonderful about a mother trying to live with her children, whom her husband’s family is trying to take from her by force.

Those children raised some greed and self-love. But with time they know that their mother is trying to do a lot to get custody of them and keep them.

Hafsanur Sancaktutan series

Hafsa won her first starring role in the series “Ask Aglatir” starring “Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Yagiz Can Konyali, and Deniz Can Aktas.

It was a wonderful story about two young men trying to live far from their city, to flee to Istanbul in an attempt to move forward.

But a struggle enters their lives. Between their conscience and their love, which of them will win?

In 2022, she co-starred in the series Between the World and Us, starring , Demet Özdemir, Zerrin Tekindor, Hasan Ak, and Ibrahim Selim.

His story was interesting about a woman in a relationship with a famous actor.

their relationship was good at first until her lover began to get bored of their relationship.

so she decided to communicate with him through a social networking site.

after her lover began to get used to that imaginary girl, he .asked her to see her

so Elkin decided to create a real girl for him to seduce her lover.

The new Hafsanur Sancaktutan series

Hafsanur is starring in a new series called “Ya Çok Seversen”, co-starring with star actor “Kerem Bürsin“. So that his story is as follows about two young men, “Atis and Laila”.

Ya Çok Seversen
Ya Çok Seversen

each of whom has a story that he lives and destroys his childhood. To meet their way because of a coincidence.

in 2022, the Darmaduman series was shown to her, and she played the role of Derin.

a spoiled rich girl who lives a luxurious life. but suffers from many mental illnesses. which made her at the mercy of her boyfriend.

To get to know a young man trying to get her out of that darkness. This work stars Mert Yazicioglu, Aslihan Malbora, Aytaç Sasmaz, Necip Memili, Nur Fettahoglu, Ali Önsöz and .Beste Can Saglam

Our star is a big fan of bold action. We see that she has chosen a number of different wonderful roles. the role of the obedient girl, the strong woman, the cruel wife, and other roles.