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Cem Gelinoğlu is a Turkish comedian and actor. He presented many wonderful works that the viewer liked very much. Cem Gelinoğlu became a well-known name in a short time. He also has many writings for very interesting and entertaining works.

Let’s get acquainted with Cem Gelinoğlu, who is he? And what is his religion? And who is his wife. his origins, his family, and his childhood, how it was. A comprehensive article about his beginnings with acting, scribes, his most famous roles, and his artistic works. And his latest series and movies.

Who is Cem Gelinoğlu؟

Cem Gelinoğlu is a well-known Turkish actor, screenwriter. Born in Düzce, Turkey. On July 20, 1983 AD. His age in 2023 is 40 years old. He started working in acting, art and writing in 2015 until now. One of his most famous works is the Ali Kundilli series of comedy movies.

Cem Gelinoğlu Religion and Family

Cem Gelinoglu was born in Düzce, Turkey and lived there with his family. For a long time until he finished his studies. After he started thinking about his work and his artistic future. He decided to move to Istanbul.

His family has embraced his talent a lot and stood by him and encouraged him. Both his father and mother. He lived with them in the city of Düzce until high school. Before he decided to leave his hometown to complete his studies there.

Cem Gelinoglu’s religion is Islam. This is what appeared from a picture of him as a young child with his mother, who was wearing a hijab. Cem Gelinoglu is considered a Muslim by birth.

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Cem Gelinoğlu and his wife

Who is Cem Gelinoglu’s Wife? The question asked by all the followers and fans of the Turkish star Cem Gelinoglu, who is his wife? Is he married or single?

After searching a lot about his marital status, we found out that he is not married yet. There is no information about his personal life.

Cem Gelinoğlu And His Wife
Cem Gelinoğlu And His Wife

Cem Gelinoğlu and Sons

Does Cem Gelinoglu have children? no. He has no children as he is not married yet.

The personal life of the actor Cem Gelinoglu is very private, and he does not like to talk about it or introduce his personal life in front of everyone. He sees that his personal life, his girlfriend, and his private relationships belong to him alone. It should not be interfered with by the press or fans.

Cem Gelinoglu series

Cem Gelinoglu started working as an actor in 2015 when he co-starred in “Ali Kundilli” and his story revolves around two brothers who marry two sisters. Both of them have their own dreams, but Ali remains focused on his inventions until the henna ceremony before the wedding day, when an accident occurs that greatly affects them. This work stars Ömer Acar, Sami Aksu, Zeynep Aktug, Yunus Anil and Muhammad Yasir Berkli.

Cem Gelinoğlu
Cem Gelinoğlu

He continued this work in its second season in 2016. He also participated in Yok Artik 2. In 2017 he played the role of Sebahattin in the movie Sansimi Seveyim. Starring Gökhan Kiraç, Zeynep Tugçe Bayat, Zerrin Sümer, Metin Yildiz, Ümit Yesin, Gülsüm Alkan, Burak Tamdogan and Metin Coskun.

Cem Gelinoğlu continued to present works, including films, including series, including Aykut Eniste, directed by Onur Bilgetay, writers Giray Altinok, and Cem Gelinoglu. And starring Melis Babadag, Ege Kökenli, Müfit Kayacan and Lale Basar. he won the TV show Kaan Sekban’la Alt Tarafi Bi’ Talk Show in 2020. And in 2021 he presented two works, the first Bize Müsaade and the second Aykut Eniste 2.

Cem is currently presenting the title role in Bursa Bülbülü, directed by Hakan Algül and written by Ata Demirer. It stars Ata Demirer, Özge Özacar, Tarik Papuccuoglu, Celil Nalcakan, Toygan Avanoglu and Berkay Tulumbaci.