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Ayça Turan is a Turkish star whose most important works include The Protector, Ariza and Be My Sunshine. The brunette actress, whose beauty and grace attracted everyone who watched her on screens. Ayça Turan, which forced producers and directors to always choose her to be one of the heroines of their works because of her strong talent.

The actress who started her acting career at the age of fifteen. And her role began to grow gradually until she is now the heroine of her series. She has an unprecedented attractiveness.

Our star reached more than 6 million followers in 2023 on Instagram. This changed the rest of her fans on the rest of the social networking sites. Although not constantly present on those sites. But she does a live broadcast to answer fans’ questions. Among those questions:

Ayça Turan Religion and family

Ayça was born in “Sinop, Turkey” on October 25, 1992, her astrological sign is Scorpio. Her religion is Islam, not Christianity.

Ayça was living with her family and her family had immigrated from Greece to Türkiye. her father is originally from Kastamonu. Her family consists of 7 sisters, and she is the youngest.

Ayça Turan As A Child
Ayça Turan As A Child

ayça ayşin turan relationship

About the star Ayça’s relationships, she was in a relationship with actor Özcan Deniz in 2014, and the relationship lasted for a while until it ended in 2017.

Ayça Ayşin Turan Relationship
Ayça Ayşin Turan Relationship

Ayca Turan and Alp Navruz in love

The duo Ayça Turan and Alp Navruz got engaged after winning the series Be My Sunshine. And the relationship continued for a period after the end of filming the series. And the two were appearing with him in a live broadcast continuously.

Fans of both of them loved this duo together. But suddenly they both unfollowed each other. And the two stars erased all the pictures of them on social media.

Many rumors circulated about the reason for their separation that read more about Alp Navruz cheated on her. But he came out denying all those rumors and attacking their promoter that he was in a big mistake. And that the separation came by agreement and without reasons other than lack of understanding.

Ayca Turan And Alp Navruz In Love
Ayca Turan And Alp Navruz In Love

Ayça Turan series

Ayca started acting when she was 15 years old. When she participated in the series “Affedilmeyen” in 2007. She also appeared in Episode 6 in the same year in the series “Hayal ve Gerçek”.

In 2011 – 2012 she co-starred in the wonderful Turkish series Dinle Sevgili. She starred in Sevimli Tehlikeli in 2015 as “Zelis” and co-starred Sükrü Özyildiz, Türkan Kiliç, Ahmet Ozarslan, Burçin Birben and Cem Avnayim.

From 2013 to 2016, she participated in the Karagül series, one of the long-running series, with a total of 125 episodes. Co-starring Ece Uslu, Mesut Akusta, Mert Yazicioglu, Sevda Erginci and Ilayda Çevik. She also co-starred in Altinsoylar playing the character Burcu Kapan.

Among the series in which she starred is the series “Meryem”, which is one of her most famous series, which was shown in 2017 and continued until 2018. In it, she played the character Meryem. The star, “Furkan Andic“, co-starred, and they both fell in love, and their relationship continued after the end of a long period until that relationship ended.

ayça aysin turan dramas

Among the series in which Ayca starred is The Protector, which was shown in 2018, in which she appeared in the first season, playing the character Leyla Sancak, the girl who was a secretary to the devil. And she fell in love with The Protector, but she was not destined to continue her life normally, but rather she died and the events of Hakan the Protector changed. The devil revived her again so that he could control him, but she died again, forever.

She landed the role of the main heroine in the series Zemheri and played the role of Firuze. His story was very much epic. About the lives of two young men whose lives are upended by their family’s problems. Her partner in the main role was actor Alperen Duymaz. It was also shared by Caner Cindoruk, Hazal Filiz Küçükköse and Emir Çubukçu.

In 2020-2021, she presented the character Halide in the series Ariza. Starring Tolga Saritas, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Olgun Toker, Murat Daltaban, Uygar Özçelik and Pinar Caglar Genctürk.

Ayça Turan new series

The latest work of the star, Ayça, is the series Be My Sunshine, in which she played the role of Haziran, the successful girl in her work, who was forced to travel to a place far from Istanbul to finish a deal. It is forcing the owner of a factory there to sell against his will. While she was going there, she found that the owner of this factory owed many debts that might force him to sell. And she sent all this information to her manager to exploit it by pressing him.

But the unexpected happened, which is the discovery of a major manipulation in order to trap the owner of those factories. and rhythm them. And she tried to help this young man in every way until she fell in love with him and him too. But when he found out about her betrayal, he left her, but he still loves her.

Alp Navruz and a group of other stars participated in the tournament, including Nihan Büyükagaç, Ipek Tenolcay, Bülent Çolak, Bedia Ener, Beril Pozam.

Ayça Turan Religion
Ayça Turan Religion