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Who is Atakan Hosgoren

atakan hosgoren , the handsome actor with lush, soft black hair. And white skin without impurities or mistakes.

One of the male actors rising to the top strongly. He has talent beside his handsomeness and physical agility. He was known through many works that distinguished him from others, such as the first love series.

Let’s find out who Atakan Hosgoren is. And what is his religion? And his family, upbringing, childhood and parents. Does he have siblings or not. His talents and favorites.

His identities and a lot about his beginning with acting. And the most important series in which he co-starred. And the new Atakan Hoşgören series.

atakan hosgoren ‘s Childhood, Religion & Family

Atakan Hosgoren, a Turkish actor, was born in Istanbul, Turkey. His date of birth is August 5, 1999.

He is of Albanian descent. Where his family consisting of his father, mother and three brothers lived in Tirana.

This is before they moved to Istanbul. Atakan hosgoren studied business administration at Dogos University in English.

He did not wait for the end of his university and began his working life as a model in television commercials, to start his acting career through advertisements.

including advertisements for Vodafone, Tadeli, Eti Tunko and Fanta.

Atakan hosgoren is an actor who loves to read a lot about cinema, theatre, music and short films.

He is passionate about classic cars. He loves to play the piano.also He attended a lot of acting workshops, which are acting training workshops.

also recently received training from the coach of the 4N1K series director, Jalal Eldenis.

Atakan Hosgoren

atakan hosgoren Height, Weight and Astrological Sign

As for Atakan Hosgoren’s physical specifications, he has a very perfect body. As he is 185 cm tall and weighs 75 kg.

for his astrological sign, he is Leo. he was born in August 1999. His age in 2023 is 24 years. He has three other siblings.

Who is atakan hosgoren’s Girlfriend

Does this handsome star have a Girlfriend or is he single. There was a rumor that he was married and had a wife.

But he is not married yet. But who is his sweetheart? Atakan Hosgoren’s relationship has spread with many stars, including Cemre Solmazla,

the star of the kardeşlerim series, and Büşra Yılmaz, but it is just undocumented rumors and there is no close friend in Atakan’s life yet.

He started acting in 2017 AD in the Yıldlar Shahidim series, in 2018 AD he participated in the first love series (4N1K) or Four Boys and a Girl.

the series is a romantic comedy youth that tells the story of four young men and a girl who have a great friendship since their childhood and are now in high school before university.

the series It has a lot of excitement and youthful adventures. It talks about the relationships between young people at this stage.

since the release of the first episode of the series, and it has become a lot of talk, and it got a rating of 7.4/10 since the first episode

Atakan Hoşgören
Atakan Hoşgören