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Yulduz Rajabova husband name religion new boyfriend


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Yulduz Rajabova husband name religion

Yulduz Rajabova is a beautiful actress with amazing Turkish beauty. She is a very strong personality and this is clear from her roles in television dramas.

a famous for many roles, including her most recent role, Ayça Hatun, in the most wonderful historical series “Kurulus: Osman”. She was especially involved in her role, especially opposite the actor Emre Kivilcim, and some believed that there was a romantic relationship. between them.
Let us learn together about the beautiful actress, her date of birth, her age, who is her husband, and who is her ex-lover. Was she married to Emre Kivilcim? Is he her husband?

Yulduz Rajabova religion

First, we learn about a number of her personal information:
She was born in Nawawi. Her date of birth is December 23, 1989. She is currently 35 years old. Her studies were in the Uzbek theater department at the university.
She was born and lived in a city named Navoi, Uzbekistan. Her mother is a housewife, her father is a journalist, and she has one brother. Her childhood was very important in influencing her talent, as she was interested in art and participated in the dance club at the Farhad Palace of Culture in Nawawi. After graduating from high school, she began studying foreign languages with the aim of becoming a translator, although she loved acting but thought about changing her path.
As for her religion, she is a Turkish actress who is Muslim, and she belongs to a Muslim family that consists of a father who works as a journalist and her mother who has never worked and is also Muslim, and she only has one brother.

Yulduz Rajabova husband name

In the beginning, our star is now 35 years old at the beginning of 2024, and despite that, she has not been married yet, but in her life there are love stories, and the last of those stories was her relationship with the Turkish series Emre.

The two names were linked due to their presence in the same work, and even when you search for her on Google, you will find a relationship. Her name and his name are large in the search results, according to a special report by the Magazin Neighborhood, it has been learned that the famous actor Emre Kıvılcım has been in love with his colleague Yulduz Rajabova for some time. The couple’s love was revealed by a photo of Spark’s lover Rajabova’s birthday on her social media account.

Kıvılcım shared the shot with her lover Yulduz Rajabova on her Instagram account with the note “Happy Birthday darling.”

Yulduz Rajabova new boyfriend

Who is Yulduz Rajabova’s new boyfriend? Is she really in a love relationship? What is her ex-boyfriend’s name?
All these questions are asked by fans of any male or female star. Their knowledge of their personal lives and their curiosity towards them is a natural thing. Let us tell you the answers to all these answers.
First, she is in a relationship with the Turkish actor who co-starred with her in a Turkish historical series. Emre Kivilcim has been in love with his colleague Yulduz Rajabova for some time now. The couple’s love was revealed through a birthday photo of Spark Rajabova’s mistress on her social media account.

Yulduz Rajabova
Yulduz Rajabova

Kiviljem shared the snapshot with her boyfriend Yulduz Rajapova on her Instagram account with the note, “Happy birthday, my dear.”

The two starred in the atv series Steppe Arslanı Celaleddin. Yulduz Rajabova, Kutlu Bike in the series; Emre Kıvılcım, Celaleddin Harzemşah appeared in front of the audience.

Rajabova, who had his first screen experience with the 2013 film Khazon, became very popular in Turkey with his role as Kutlu Bike in Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin.

Born on December 23, 1989 in Navoi, Uzbekistan, Yulduz Rajabova studied at the State Institute of Art and Civilization of Uzbekistan at the Institute of Tashkent State Art and Medenation.

Yulduz Rajabova, who spent her childhood years and her learning life in Navoi, draws attention as a Uzbek theatre, series and film actor.