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Yasmin Ergin, the Turkish actress, in brief

She was born in Germany, date of birth: January 22, 1985 (age 39 years), Hamburg, Germany. Her husband is İzzet Özilhan (married since 2011).

She has two brothers, Tamer Argin and Taher Argin. Her physical details: Height: 1.74 m. As for the parents: Kemal Ergin, Dilek Ergin. Biography of Turkish actress Yasmin Ergin Yasmin Ozilhan, born on January 22, 1985 in Hamburg?

Our star is a Turkish actress and former model. She returned to Turkey with her family when she was 3 years old after finishing her education in the Sarköy district of Tekirdağ.

What degree did Yasmine Özilhan graduate from? He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Public Relations. How tall is Yasmine Ozilhan? Yasmine Özilhan’s height is 1.74 meters. How much does Yasmin Ozilhan weigh? Yasmine Özilhan weighs 55 kg. What is Yasmine Ozilhan’s zodiac sign? Yasmine Özilhan is an Aquarius.

Yasemin Özilhan annesi ve babası

The childhood and upbringing of artist Yasemin Özilhan

He settled in Istanbul and enrolled at Müjdet Gesen Arts Center. While studying here, he was directed to screen acting by his teacher Müjdet Gesen, where she played the character of Eylül in the TV series Koçum Benim. She is known for her role as Ekin Serbest Teksoy in the TV series Aşk Oyunu and the role of Ela Altındağ in TV series Doktorlar Özilhan, she had a guest role as Dr. Ella in the TV series Miracle Doctor in 2019.

Is Yasmine Ozilhan married? She married businessman Izet Özilhan on July 16, 2011. Does Yasmin Özilhan have any children? How many children does he have? Yasmine Özilhan’s daughter Amina was born in 2012 and her daughter Ella was born in 2013. Yasmine Özilhan has two daughters. How old is Yasmine Ozilhan? Yasmine Özilhan’s date of birth is January 22, 1985. The family of the artist Yasmine Özilhan? Model, TV series and film actress Yasmin Ergen was born in Hamburg, Germany, her origins are unknown.

Yasemin Ergene husband

Our star married İzzet Özilhan, in 2011, at age 15 she participated in Gaye Sokmen Ajan’s Elite Model Look competition and was in top 10.

But since that time, many crises have entered their private lives, even after the birth of their children, as it was said more than once that they are in the process of separation, but the duo retreats because of their love and their son, a step that both Yasemin Özilhan, the heroine of the series “Pulse of Life,” and her husband, Ezzat Özilhan, retreated from. The recent separation and the attempt to start over did not succeed, as today there were reports in the Turkish press about a new crisis that occurred between the spouses.

It was claimed that there was a major crisis between Yasmine, who has retired from acting since her marriage, after Ezzat closed his account on Instagram and Yasmine deleted some of the photos she had with him.

Her separation from her husband

When our star began to appear on television, cinema, and film screens at festivals, she captured the hearts of her viewers and convinced them that she was one of the stars that would ascend to the moon at the speed of a rocket. But she surprised her fans by not only getting married, but also that she would retire from acting, and indeed the big wedding took place, which was attended by many people. Turkish celebrities are with their family, and after that she moved away from the limelight and acting, to take care of her home and her husband, and her only child became pregnant, making her last work at that time a series Doktorlar.

She returned after more than ten years to appear again on screens through the role of Ela in the series A Miracle in 2019, and rumors began to increase daily about her separation from her husband due to her return to acting, but they resolved their crisis and Yasemin Ergene retreated and tried to succeed in her work, her home, and her husband.

Yasemin Ergene husband
Yasemin Ergene husband