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Serra Pirinç, her religion, her lover Her age, height and weight

Serra Pirinç Her religion is her lover

A young star, born in 1977, she began acting in a number of television productions: The Dusty Collar, Student House, Katakulli 3: Tuzak, Al-Wisal, House of Sin, Our Story, and Al-Mutaqlif.
Let’s get to know our star in detail, who she is, her age, her astrological sign, and her religion. Does she have a lover or not, and who is her ex-lover and her new lover? What is her new series that she is participating in?

Her upbringing, birth, family

Serra Pirinç is a young actress who had fame and glory in her mind, and decided to quickly become one of the famous stars. This is what made her choose her works carefully. Her roles were always the strongest.

Serra was born in Istanbul on June 19, 1997. She is currently 27 years old. Her astrological sign is Gemini. The tower of the ever-motivated rebel. One of the most important zodiac signs known for its strength, great enthusiasm for the future, bold, patient, and great ambition for the future, and this appears through the roles in which it appears. Nothing will stop her towards her future career.

She graduated from Bahcesehir University, Faculty of Health Sciences. and studied acting at the Terrace Theater. The ambitious girl, who combined studies and acting, attracted viewer interest from her first role. This is what made her decide to study acting. To become more professional in her work.

Our star’s age in 2024 is 27 years old, her height is 186 cm, and her weight is 58 kg. Known as Alina Serra Perinic. After completing her high school education, she focused on her acting career, and studied at Terrace Theatre. Today, it continues its activities under the acting agency of Razan Canker.

After searching a lot to enter the world of acting, she found her role in 2017, which is the role of Müjde in the series Bizim Hikaye. Which aired on FOX. She got fame from her first project.

Our star did not stop searching for her future elsewhere, as she appeared for the second time in 2018 during the Mucize Doktor series. Co-starring with Taner Olmez, Reha Ozcan and others.

Serra Pirinç her religion

What is the religion of our future star, is she Muslim or Christian? We do not know much about her religion, but we believe that she is most likely Christian, but we are not sure of that information and we do not know much about her private and family life. She is one of the actresses who writes a lot about her personal life, and does not talk much about herself.

Who is Serra Pirinç’s boyfriend?

Sera Rice is known for the videos she shares on social media. Amir Chubukjokim, who made a name for himself through the series My Beautiful Family > Rice, a Gemini, attracted attention in the series where she played with her sympathetic attitude. He became famous for the videos he shared on social media. Rice, who played the character of the good distance in the series Bizim Hakai, which was broadcast on FOX screens, also appeared in the series Wasalat after his name became widely known thanks to this role.

We delved a lot into her personal accounts about her romantic relationship. For example, on Instagram, we found that she has more than 700,000 followers, but we found pictures of her with her work colleagues and TV series.
For your information, her Instagram account is “”

small Serra Pirinç
small Serra Pirinç
Serra Pirinç
Who is Serra Pirinç, her religion, her lover? Her age, height and weight