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Tolgahan Sayisman: Personal Life, Career, and Family

Tolgahan Sayışman, a prominent figure in Turkish entertainment, is known for his roles in television dramas and films. Learn about Tolgahan Sayışman’s age, upbringing, marriage, and his young son. Explore his notable works, the beginning of his artistic career, and get the latest exclusive and updated information.

Personal Information about Tolgahan Sayışman:

Date of Birth: December 17, 1981
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 38
Nationality: Turkish
religion : islam
Educational Background: Doğuş University, Business Administration
Marital Status: Married to Miss Universe Melida Avcı Sayışman

tolgahan sayisman : Birth, Upbringing, and Education

Tolgahan, a talented and charming artist, quickly gained popularity since his early moments on screen, marking him as one of the rising stars. Born on December 17, 1981, in Istanbul, Turkey, his zodiac sign is Capricorn. His roots trace back to migrant families from Thessaloniki. His mother, Ayshe Sayışman, is from Trabzon, while his father, Haluk Sayışman, is from Turkey. Tolgahan completed his secondary education at Kadıköy Judge Cemil Baysal International School and pursued Business Administration at Doğuş University.

tolgahan sayisman’s Artistic Journey

Tolgahan’s career began in the world of fashion as a successful model before transitioning to acting. He garnered various awards in modeling competitions and even won the title of Manhunt International in 2005. Despite his success in modeling, Tolgahan aimed to become an actor, marking the beginning of his acting journey.

tolgahan sayisman and His Wife

Tolgahan fulfilled his wife’s dream by attending a concert of the American star Beyoncé in France. Cameras captured the couple, and when asked about the reason for their presence, his wife expressed immense happiness as her husband realized her childhood dream of attending a Beyoncé concert.

Tolgahan Sayışman and His Son Efehan

Tolgahan and his wife Melida welcomed their son Efehan into the world. The couple joyfully introduced their son, and when asked by reporters if Efehan resembles Tolgahan or his mother, Melida humorously replied that Efehan is like Tolgahan reborn, emphasizing the strong resemblance between father and son.

This beautiful child, fond of playing and expending his energy in sports like football and basketball, continues to capture hearts with his strong presence and charming smile. Tolgahan actively shares pictures of his time with his little son, creating a delightful bond with his fans.

Tolgahan Sayışman’s Disputes with Murat Yıldırım

While Tolgahan and Murat Yıldırım had maintained a strong friendship for a long time, there were noticeable tensions at Murat’s wedding. Despite Tolgahan and his wife celebrating their wedding just days after Murat and İman, they did not attend the latter’s wedding festivities. This absence, along with Tolgahan unfollowing Murat on social media, fueled rumors of significant cultural differences and a possible dispute between the two friends.