story of series My Name is Farah – Adim Farah – actors

My Name Is Farah Adim Farah

story of series My Name is Farah – Adim Farah – actors

The series My Name is Farah – Adim Farah is one of the series that sparked controversy and research. And it got a lot of viewership. For two big and beloved stars. The Early Bird star “Demet Özdemir” who plays the heroine “Farah” and the Turkish actor “Engin Akyürek” who plays the character “Tahir“.

More about the story of the series, the action stars, and many secrets in the story of My Name is Farah in the following article in detail.

The real story My Name is Farah – Adim Farah

Is the series Adim Farah a true story, or is it a work taken from another work? After our extensive research on the origin of the Turkish series Adim Farah, which has gained a high viewership since its first episode. We found that it was taken from a foreign series, “The Cleaning Lady“, which is one of the very famous foreign series.

The story of a girl who accidentally entered the mafia world. Farah is a woman who works in the field of cleaning after working as a doctor in her country, Iran. But she came to Turkey to hide with her son. She worked in a field very far from the field of medicine, despite her strength and skill in it.

Demet Özdemir Show heroine

Farah has a sick son who cannot communicate with the outside world. He always wears an astronaut suit to protect him from germs and external pollutants.

she got involved with the mafia when she witnessed a certain murder while she was cleaning a place for some bad guys. Without intending to, it was discovered. She convinced Tahir that she would not speak and would survey the crime scene and hide any evidence and every trace of blood.

Farah fled the place to go to her son, trying to escape from the bad men. But she gets involved again by saving the mafia boss and at the same time he is the father of the man who killed the police officer with the crime she witnessed.

Although she saved him, he was determined to get rid of her. And he will take care of her sick son. But Tahir did not like this talk and tried to convince the mafia leader of the importance of her existence, even if they implicated her in any other crime, so that she would be under their command.

The hero of the series, Tahir

The hero of the series is Tahir, a young man who works for the mafia. He covers up many murderers and conspiracies and always works against the law. He and Farah enter into a war against the police on one side and against the mafia on the other. After she was to be killed and disposed of because she witnessed a murder. He tries to protect her and her sick son.

The role of Tahir is played by Turkish actor Engin Akyürek, one of Turkey’s biggest stars. He became very famous through some great works that were shown on small screens all over the world. Including the series “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?”. In addition to presenting the most famous series of 2021, “The Ambassador’s Daughter”. One of the famous stars for their strong choice of roles that live a lot on screens.

Tahir And Farah  

Tahir And Farah

Adim Farah Tahir and Farah

A love story set between two different worlds. Life brings them together after they get into a dead end. Each of them is forced to stay away from the other, even if by killing.

That woman who fell into the hands of a group of evil men. because of her vision of the murder of the son of a major mafia man. She has a sick son. but his presence did not intercede for her to see that crime. which might land that boy in prison on charges of killing a policeman.

This woman does not know what to do, but she is trying to protect her son, Karim. from being lost without her. It agreed to be a way to protect the mafia from their crimes. by cleaning up the crimes behind them and healing those who hurt them. Since she was working as a doctor. She is also a skilled doctor.