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Simay Barlas, who caught everyone’s attention with her acting, beauty, and overwhelming presence. The star who forced directors to have her presence in dramas without competition. She presented ordinary and different roles, from a rich, spoiled girl to a simple and poor girl. This means that she is a professional actress who has not confined herself to one specific frame or role.

Over time, actress Simay Barlas has become one of the prominent figures in the world of art and acting. Simay Barlas was born on (her date of birth) in (her place of birth), and began her artistic career with great success, as she was able to leave her own mark in the world of acting. In this article, we will review an overview of her life and artistic career.

Simay Barlas began her artistic career seriously in her youth, where she studied acting and dramatic arts at (university or school), and graduated with distinction. She began her career on stage, where she participated in many theatrical productions and proved her exceptional talent in acting.

Simay Barlas religion and her family

What is the religion of Turkish actress Simay Barlas and is her family a devout Muslim family in Turkey?
Religions in Turkish society are hidden things that are not desirable to talk about. Especially actors and social stars, as they see religion as something very private, between a person and his God. No one has the right to interfere or identify her.

Despite this, we extensively researched the Simay Barlas religion to find that it is Muslim, not Christian, and that it is Muslim by birth. But she is not from a religious family.

Is Simay Barlas married and who is her husband

no. Simay is not married yet. But she was in a love relationship with someone more than once. She was in a relationship with the actor “Idris Nebi Taşkan” for a while after they co-starred in the series Zalim Istanbul. But that relationship did not last long.

with Idris Nebi Taşkan
with Idris Nebi Taşkan

Her boyfriend

Who is Simay Barlas’s current boyfriend? The first known relationship of our star is her relationship with actor Idris Nebi Taşkan. We also saw her in a cafe with a young man, Soner Korkmaz, and a picture of them together was published in 2022, but it has not yet been proven that she was in a love relationship with him. Let it be considered that Simai is single now.

Simay Barlas boyfriend
Simay Barlas boyfriend

Simay started acting

But great fame came to Simay Barlas when she decided to move to the world of cinema and television. She participated in many successful works and excelled in performing various roles. She gained wide fame thanks to her distinctive roles, which were characterized by diversity and distinction.

In addition to her artistic career, Simay Barlas has a strong personality off screen. She is actively involved in many charitable causes and seeks to support social and environmental causes. She is also an example for young people who dream of success and excellence in the field of art.

In short, actress Simay Barlas is one of the prominent figures in the world of acting and art. Thanks to her talent and diligence, she was able to achieve success and leave her mark in this field. She is not only a talented actress, but also a person who strives to make a positive difference in society.

Simay Barlas series

“Bandits Will Not Rule the World” (Vizontele) – 2001: A successful Turkish comedy series with Simay Barlas in a prominent role.

“Bittersweet” (Tatlı Kaçıklar) – 2004: Another Turkish comedy series in which Simay Barlas participated and achieved notable success.

“Baba Parasi” – 2008: A short Turkish drama series, and Simay played a role in this work.

“Coincidence” (Kismet) – 2011: Another Turkish drama series that I participated in and achieved good success.

“Prince of Youth” (Gençler) – 2005: Another Turkish series in which she played an important role.

These are some of the series that actress Simay Barlas participated in during her artistic career up to that period. It is worth noting that she has also participated in many other works that may be known to the public and that may be more available after 2022.

Rüya in Yabani (2023)

Simay Barlas starred in the Turkish series “Yabani”. To introduce the character “Rüya”.

Rüya is a young girl who lives a very luxurious life. She was in a relationship with a rich young man named Alaz, played by Bertan Aslani, but she moved away from him because of his unwise behavior.

Rüya gets to know Yaman, the wild boy who is discovered to be Alaz’s brother, and jealousy begins between them because of her relationship with Yaman.

The Yabani series is considered one of the very successful series in terms of viewership and acting since the first episodes. The viewership rate increases as the episodes progress

Süreyya in Omer

She participated in the series Omer, where she played the character Süreyya. The beautiful young girl whom Omar’s family tried to marry to him so that he could forget the woman who was years older than him and not suitable for him.

This work is heroism Selahattin Pasali,