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Caner Topcu drama

The beginning of our star in acting was not close. After graduating from the university, he decided to take acting lessons, and this was at the hands of the famous Turkish acting coach, Harun Ozer and Fulya Velazi.

This is the beginning of the stage. Where he presented many plays, including Beyaz Cehennem, Dikkat İnternet Var, Sarıkamış, and İnançtan Zafere. But his real start came through a movie called “Bilinçsizler”.

His first series was in 2019 through his role in the series Nöbet. His story revolved around certain children, the children who are born to Turki as a soldier.

Some of them are soldiers and heroes. They work day and night for the survival of this country and this nation.

When the time comes, they will die for this nation. We call them “hero”. They answer us by shouting: “Long live Türkiye.”

instagram Caner Topçu

The number of followers of our star on Instagram has reached one million followers. Especially after he appeared in a series
“Hiç” was his story about one of the trades that a group of young men trying to stick to in university life who, despite class divisions to help their friends, have come together into a much larger organization.

This series was starring Taylan Meydan, Ecem Gümüssu, Caner Topcu, Atakan Özkaya, Doganay Oguz and Yaren Güldiken. One of the most famous roles played by Ilyas.

In the series Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’In Kilici. Starring Engin Altan Düzyatan, Ulas Tuna Astepe, Gökhan Gencebay, Tolga Akkaya, Bahadir Yenisehirlioglu, Devrim Evin, Pelin Akil and Doruk Nalbantoglu.

The story was when the writer takes you on a historical journey through the Ottoman Empire based on the life of the Ottoman Admiral “Barbarossa” Hayreddin Pasha in the 16th century and the adventures of four brothers who became sailors.

The drama series retells this adventure through the stories of four brothers; Isaac, Uruk, Hazir, and Elias fight the tides and the mysteries of the seas.

It focuses on their pursuit of a sacrament with the help of Master Solomon, and during their journey, they make enemies in Pietro.

The Pope’s hand reaches out to the Mediterranean Sea who are chasing the Secret and organize an attack on their ship. But that doesn’t stop the brothers and they continue their original quest to find the Sacred Secret all the while battling their enemies on the Tidal Wave.

His new series, Donence

Caner TopCu has agreed to star in a new series called Dönence. Starring Caner Topçu, Sümeyye Aydoğan.