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About his latest work, He is preparing a new series called “Bi’Tuhaf Hikaye”, Production Companies Ay Yapim Braveborn.

he was starring with Hafsanur Sancaktutan in the series Ya Çok Seversen, which premiered in July 2023. The story of this work revolves around Ates and Leyla, two young men who meet by chance and enter into a somewhat complicated life.

‘The latest series is “You Knock on My Door (Sen Çal Kapımı)”. This series was shown over two seasons, the first season 39 episodes. The second season ended at the thirteenth episode. The series premiered on July 8, 2020, on Fox.

Karim’s first television work was the series “Günesi Beklerken”. It is one of his most famous series and roles, although it is his first role in Turkish drama. It was about a group of rich high school students. The constant struggle between them. And he played a role Kerem sayer spoiled rich boy. Who will fall in love with the new girl that his best friend fell in love with

What movies has Kerem Bursin been in?

Kerem has presented a number of TV series. He also co-starred in a number of films. The first of these is the horror-thriller Shen gong yuan ling that premiered in 2013. It stars Katie Savoy, Catherine Siggins and James Taku Leung. It is a movie United StatesUnited KingdomChina. Known as the Palace of the Damned.

The first Turkish film he participated in in 2014 was called “Unutursam Fisilda”, directed by Çagan Irmak. And starring Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Mehmet Günsür, and Hümeyra. And in 2018 he played Captain Pilot Onur Keskin in Can Feda. It is a war and action movie. Starring Burak Özçivit, Melike Yalova, and Süleyman Karaahmet.

He also had a role in the movie Iyi Oyun in 2018. He also starred in his own movie BMW: BMW 2 Serisi Gran Coupé. His most recent work was the movie “Eflâtun” and he acted as the character “Oflaz”. Animation romantic drama movie. Co-starring: Irem Helvacioglu, Melisa Akman, Semiha Bezek and Nazan Diper