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Roles starring ilayda alisan

In 2015, we see her in the series “Qusou Al-Asfoura”. Then, she presented the role of Elul Erin in the series Tell Me How I Love You. Starring Kadir Doğulu. Mrs. Bakan. Mustafa Ostendag. His story is about Layla. Who moves with her child to Türkiye from Germany after divorce. She struggles to find a job, leaving her family home. She meets Hasmet through work. while. Albert tries to keep up with his marriage and his business, which is in trouble. Albert and Lila meet unexpectedly through an unexpected punch.

Series and movies starring ilayda alisan

Ates Kuslari – Iyi Adamin 10 Günü (2023)
Iyi Adamin 10 Günü- Seversin – The Red Room- Çukur- Masumiyet – Terapist – Erdal Özyagcilar, Tolgahan Sayisman, Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy, Erkan Avci, and Emir Özyakisir in Sampiyon (2019)
Sampiyon – The Protector – Kubilay Aka Feat. Hayko Cepkin: Gamzendeki Çukur – Özge Özder, Ulas Tuna Astepe, Hazal Filiz Küçükköse, and Ceyhun Mengiroglu in Rüya (2017)

Secrets in the life of Ilayda Alişan

She talked about herself in an interview and said that she always strives to organize her plans and goals. She manages all her work. Whether it is domestic or my business. Good. She encourages herself to do so and hopes for the best. She also has the ability to control her movements and herself. And she has sense
Of humor, but it is only shown to individuals close to it.

One of the downsides of the Capricorn woman is her claim to being knowledgeable. stubborn. selfishness. And don’t forget the positions. So she is intolerant. Also pessimistic. The worst is always expected. My mood is sometimes happy. Sometimes sad. He tends to be alone most of the time.

It has a high degree of sensitivity. romantic. and passion. And this despite her need for a lot of time to express what is going on inside her. Especially when it comes to the man you love. In these moments, she is firm and serious, trying as much as she can to hide her feelings. Even if they are burning from the inside.

İlayda Alişan is best suited for the man who tends to challenge. Because she has a great deal of patience not to indulge in a relationship without making sure that the man in front of her is perfect and right for her. Because she does not like randomness when it comes to her personal life. So she likes to control and put things in order once she falls in love with this man. He will always feel that she is on his side. You will feel her love and care for him. interest in it.

 (İlayda Alişan) her role in the series The Hole

The Pit series is one of the most important Turkish series that has been shown on television throughout all its seasons. Which co-starred İlayda Alişan attracts the viewer’s attention to it. It is a great movement in which her artistic life. Although the Turkish Minister of Interior criticized the series and described it as cursed. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a successful series and has its following.

Produced by Al Qamar Production Company. Championship Aras Bulut Enmli. Dylan Chechik Deniz. Arkan Kolchak Kustendel. Onir Arkan. Erkan Kesal. Reza Kocaoglu. Albiran Dumaz from the first part. Najib Memli. Tansu Bashar. Perkai Atash. Arkan Augi. Damla Sonmez from the second part. and Gorakhgir Jahangir III from the second part.

The series of ilayda alisan

The series revolves around the most dangerous neighborhoods of Istanbul under the control of the “Kosovali” family. But in this neighborhood drug smuggling is forbidden. Yamash (Aras Bulut Enemli) is the youngest son of Koçovali family. He left his neighborhood and family behind and decided to travel far away to start a new life. Yamash got acquainted with a beautiful girl and fell in love with her and decided to marry her until he was surprised when his mother came to him and told him that he had to go back to the hole because she needed him and left his wife and his sweetheart alone.