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Bansu Soral

SHE is a Turkish actress, known for her exceptional beauty and talent. She was born on March 23, 1991, in the Turkish city of Bursa. Aries is her zodiac sign. Bansu spent her childhood and early life in Bursa and graduated from Angora Anatolian High School. She was drawn to the arts from a young age and studied graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts before focusing on her acting talent. Encouraged by her sister, Bansu pursued acting and soon gained recognition.

Her debut came in 2012 with a guest appearance on the series “Yol Ayrımı.” Despite her small role, she managed to impress critics and directors, leading to more significant opportunities. Bansu identifies with Islam and currently resides in the Turkish city of Ankara.

Her religion, age, family:

She was born in the city of Bursa, Turkey, on March 23, 1991, and she belongs to the Islamic faith, not Christian as was rumored. She is famous for her sister, the renowned Turkish actress Hande Soral. She earned a degree in fine arts from a prestigious college and began her acting career in 2012 with her role as Ayshe in the series “Yol Ayrımı,” followed by “Vicdan” in 2013. She gained widespread recognition in 2015 for her prominent role as Asli in the series “Küçük Ağa”.

Thanks to her beauty and captivating features, Bensu Soral is considered the dream girl of many young people, both in Turkey and around the world. But it’s worth mentioning that she has a special love story that has lasted for over 3 years. In 2017, during the filming of the series “İçerde,” many rumors circulated about her relationship with the well-known businessman “Hakan Baş”. This relationship was later confirmed by the couple, and they held an engagement ceremony in 2018 attended by close friends and family. They subsequently got married, becoming one of the most famous and successful couples in Turkey.

Who is her husband?

Our star is married to Hakan Baş. Since 2018, bensu soral has been married to businessman Hakan Baş, but there have been no reports of them having children. It is said that Bensu Soral prefers to focus on her acting career rather than considering parenthood at the moment, especially since she sees herself at the beginning of her artistic journey and success. It is worth mentioning that the couple lives in New York, United States.

Bensu Soral, the prominent star in the world of acting and art, enjoys wide fame in Turkey and the Arab world. Fans are curious to know details of her personal life, including her husband’s identity. The truth is that Bensu Soral is married to businessman Hakan Baş since 2018.

Divorce Bensu Soral and her husband:

Has Bensu separated from her husband? The latest developments in Bensu Soral’s life have sparked widespread debate in the past few hours, with increasing questions about the reality of her marriage collapse. Recent news highlighted the separate appearances of both Bensu and her husband in recent times, prompting the public to wonder about the status of their relationship. Rumors circulated about a crisis between them stemming from differences in views regarding parenthood, which ultimately led to their separation and consideration of divorce.

In media reports, some Turkish newspapers indicated disagreements between Bensu Soral and her husband Hakan Baş. It is assumed that Hakan was looking forward to becoming a parent, but Bensu was not ready for this step yet, causing frustration for the husband who was eager to start a family. This difference in views led to the failure of their attempts to resolve the crisis, resulting in their separation and the search for different options regarding their marital future.

Finally, the couple decided to address the circulating rumors with a joint statement posted on Instagram Stories. Their statement read: “We are going through a sensitive period in our marriage right now, and we need some time and your sensitivity in reacting.”

Bensu Soral and her husband
Bensu Soral and her husband

Why did she separate from her husband?

It is believed that the separation came as a result of differing views regarding the issue of parenthood. While Bensu was not ready to take on the responsibility of parenthood at the moment and preferred to focus on her career, her husband Hakan was eager to start a family. This difference in visions and future goals for each of them led to increased tension and disagreement, ultimately resulting in the decision to separate.

The idea of rejecting motherhood from Bensu stemmed from her not feeling ready for that stage currently, but she awaits the right time to take that step, which did not sit well with her husband and led to some tension and friction. Hence, the story of their temporary separation spread. Some Turkish newspapers mentioned that the actress Bensu Soral had separated from her husband, businessman Hakan Baş, after a three-year marriage. Bensu stated to the media that she is not ready for parenthood at the moment and prefers to prioritize her professional career. She indicated that she sees it as too early for her to have children and that she has a lot of work to do before considering personal matters like parenthood.

Due to Bensu’s rejection of the idea of having children, tension increased in her relationship with her husband Hakan. According to a close friend of Bensu who spoke to a magazine, Hakan was pressuring her to consider having a child. As a result of this crisis, the couple decided to separate.