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Atakan Hosgoren series

He started acting in 2011 AD through the series Yildizlar Sahidim, in 2017, then he participated in the first love series (4N1K) or Four Boys and a Girl.

4N1K is a youth romantic comedy that tells the story of four boys and a girl who have been friends since they were young and are now in high school before university.

The series has a lot of youthful excitement and adventures. It talks about the relationships between young people at this stage, since the release of the first episode of the series, and it has become a lot of talk and has received a rating of 7.4/10 since the first episode.

Atakan Hoşgören His role in the series First Love was a champion in basketball, but in fact he also played for five years before entering the world of acting and art. He was trained by the most important coaches, his artistic director is (Burak Sarimola).

His manager is the best model coordinator Emrah YILDIZ.

he won the starring role in the series Akinci in 2021, when he played the character Murat, which revolves around the struggle of a contemporary hero rooted in Ottoman history and protecting his city and its people at the cost of his life.

The work was starring Sükrü Özyildiz, Büsra Develi, Yildiray Sahinler, Tolga Tekin, Erkan Bektas and Sermet Yesil.

Atakan Hosgoren new series

In 2023, he starred in a Turkish series called “Dönence”, a romantic drama series that tells a strong love story between two people, which appeared out of nowhere, when Jessie decides to enter university with her big dream of composing. Gece plans to go to university and dreams of composing music with her boyfriend, Amir, all summer long. However, she moves with her family to Foca and meets Özgür, a coach at the yacht club.

As for his new series, he is starring in the drama series “Koyu Beyaz” starring Atabik Mohsin, Müge Duygun, Jerrod Weston, Sen Monro and Virgile Mangiavillano.

Then Atakan Hoşgören participated in the Sana Söz Championship, which premiered in 2021, and played the role of Umut, and his story revolved around the creator of the program “Don’t be silent with Elif Karaca,” named Elif Karaca, who Turkey is following with interest.

Elif has dedicated her life to fighting the injustices and evils she has witnessed since her childhood.

The commissioner of the homicide bureau, Omer, like Elif, has struggled all his life with villains, criminals, and criminals.

He starred in the series Içimizdeki Ates, which revolves around the story of four strong, intelligent, ambitious and successful young men who took their first steps in the business world to cling to life and achieve their dreams.

Starring Ipek Filiz Yazici, Gizem Arikan, Demirhan Demircioglu and Burak Sevinç.